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AJ, I don't think they are either, but if you've followed any of the After Earth fall out, one would think the Smiths were treating their kids like indentured servants. One of the main criticisms has been that they are forcing their children into show business at too early and age and that they should just let their kids be kids.

Tim repeated what some people have been saying... "that's something WIll should have known already.. let kids be kids."

I'm waiting for the renewed criticism now that they have someone even younger than Willow attached to the project. Quvenzhane Wallis is 9 or 10 and many of the other children in the movie will be around that age. But here's the question... do you really expect anyone to levy any criticisms against the Smiths, Jay-Z or Quvenzhane's parents for stealing the carefree childhood of Quvenzhane Wallis from her? The inconsistency is a little glaring, and so I suspect the "let them just be kids" mantra isn't really what is bothering people.

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Well... they do let there kids be kids if they want to!

Willow has quit her career for a while a few months ago. The Smiths cancel then (3 or 4 days before it) a performance on a party from Beyonce and Jay-Z. Willow told in an interview later:
I had a lot fun with singing and dancing but its also a lot stress. I told my parents that i need a break... to be more a kid on my age. They agreed.

So i dont know that this criticism is fair or correct researched. I dont know yet where i read it. But i can search for it if anybody want that. ;)

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Bobby Cannavale Joins ‘Annie’
EXCLUSIVE: Sony Pictures and Overbrook Entertainment have set Bobby Cannavale to star in Annie. He joins Quvenzhane Wallis, Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz and Rose Byrne in the Will Gluck-directed film. Cannavale is coming off Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine and turned in an epic villain performance in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. He’s Emmy nominated for that and a stint in Showtime’s Nurse Jackie. He will play a bulldog political advisor to Foxx’s character as he makes a mayoral run in New York. The film is set for release Christmas Day, 2014.
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