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wow, i think thats the best thing for her really. Judging from her tumblr and her twitter she doesnt seem like the happiest kid, maybe im wrong you cant really tell with these melodramtic teens these days. I think she'll have a great singing career one day, she has a great voice, but shes right, she just needs to be 12 right now. Good on Will for not pushing her into it when she didnt wanna do it.

Now Will, while you kids are out playing, give us an album lol.

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I like that she's mature enough to pick and choose things this way. To be honest, I'm a fan of Annie and I don't know that it needs to be done again...at least not with Jay-Z involved. If it was going to be done, I think it would be a great vehicle for Willow though and she would probably be great in it (that's coming from a critical person who has done the musical twice). She's only one year older than the character.

I find it hard seeing any of the kids making a serious music career out of random downloads, YouTube videos, and mixtapes. I think they have they have talent (tho' Jaden's uninspired vocal deliver is tired to me) but they don't seem to be trying to make actual albums.

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So instead of Willow doing it, they have Quvenzhané Wallis doing it... she's 9... even younger than Willow. Let's see how many people complain now. For those who have been "outraged" about the Smiths pushing kids into entertainment, I trust that the reaction to this will be even worse, right....? Somehow, I suspect it won't be. Lol... wonder why. :wink:

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I don't think they are pushing them into the industry. Those kids are surrounded my music, movies, and TV every day. They access to entertainment and big events so they are immersed in it. FP and Jada could do whatever they want with the position they have. If they were forcing them, Willow and Jaden would already have albums out and would be pumping out videos, movies, etc on the regular. These are just kids who have access to do whatever they want. Plus they don't have to go far for advice. I don't think that many people are following or aware of the Annie project. The main foreseeable mistake is to have Jay-Z involved.

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ANNIE Reboot to Begin Filming in NYC This August; New Character Revealed
According to a casting notice for Columbia Pictures' upcoming reboot of ANNIE, production on the film will begin in August on location in New York City. Among the roles to be cast will be that of 11-year-old 'Isabella', described as "A cute, girly foster kid. Her dreams of a better life involve a no-limit credit card and shopping sprees galore." The notice also seeks to cast 'Annie' regulars Pepper and Tessie.
The movie, described as a "contempory" version of the musical, will be produced by James Lassiter, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Will Smith through their Overbrook Entertainment company, and by Shawn "Jay Z" Carter, Jay Brown, and Tyran "Ty Ty" Smith through Marcy Media.
In addition to helming the film, Will Gluck will also revise the screenplay originally penned by Emma Thompson and rewritten by Aline Brosh McKenna. It was based on the musical and its book written by Thomas Meehan, with music by Charles Strouse and lyrics by Martin Charnin. That project was based on the original Little Orphan Annie comic strip.
The Tony Award-winning stage musical ANNIE has previously been filmed twice, the first time in 1982 with John Huston in the director's chair and later in a made-for-TV adaptation produced by Disney and helmed by CHICAGO director Rob Marshall in 1999.
ANNIE is currently playing on Broadway in a James Lapine-directed revival starring Lilla Crawford, Katie Finneran and Anthony Warlow.
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