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New, dope, free Mixtapes!


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Here are some new (some more, some less), fresh mixtapes for ya'll. They are mostly album quality (Kali & Reks have more of a mixtape sound). My favroites are J. Cole, Wale & Evidence (I exclude Statik because I know all the songs anyway), but they are all nice. Enjoy.

J. Cole - Friday Night Lights

Wale - More Abouth Nothing

Fashawn - Grizzly City 3

Evidence - I Dont Need Love (Tribute to the Beatles)

Mac Miller - K.I.D.S

Kali - Timeless

Reks - In Between The Lines 2

1982 - Best Of Mxtape

Kool G Rap - Offers You Cant Refuse (Free EP)

Torae - Heart Failure

Fashawn - Higher Learning II

Fashawn - Ode To Illmatic

Young De aka Demrick - The De is For Demrick Mixtape

Nottz & Ashter Roth- Rawth (Free EP)

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Thats a lot of music!! I already checked J.Cole and 1982 and I liked them. The rest Ima check next week after I take my test and start my vacations. But good looking out bro, thanks for bringing them!

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I was posting that B.O.B. mixtape on the what are you listening to thread, there's some great mixtapes out there, I like most mixtapes better than albums, for instance those 2 Game mixtapes released this year sound like he coulda put out as official joints, it's the state of the game...

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I heard them Game mixtapes and they were really good, but I was seriously hoping for an album release this year. Im not a big fan of Game, and a couple of years ago b4 his last album I hated the guy, but after listening to his new mixtapes I wanted to see where would this lead him..

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a lot of the songs on these mixtapes should be getting airplay but like i said it's the state of the game, it's just like kel should be putting out platinum albums instead of only mixtapes

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I think that Kels does a great job on self promoting and web networking his work, but he should find a way to mix up with one of them big groups. I bet whatever u want that the day he does something with one of them big groups namely bad boys, Dj Khaled and co, or young money, he is gonna get airplay and then people are gonna look for his other material. I know maybe joining bad boys or one of those groups can be career ending, but for someone intelligent enough it could be life changing because the recognition is gonna be there, next step is showing what u are really made of..

Drake btw made a name for himself doing mixtapes on the web though.

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No need for that.. He just has to release more stuff, more shows, work with better producers.. His output is very low. Face it, he does not have to compete with Drake, he never will be in that position, he is the one that has to compete with guys like Skyzoo, Termanology, Saigon, Joel Ortiz, Joe Budden and the list goes on and on.. But he does not keep up with them at all

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Game put out another banging mixtape: "Purp & Patron", it's that ish!!


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