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Eminem Doesn't Use Profanity At Home


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I usually don't agree with Bill O'Reilly about anything but his points are right on, nobody over 25 really takes Eminem seriously, his music is inconsistant and from the response back it shows you how ignorant he really is:

News: Bill O'Reilly On Eminem's No-Profanity House Rule, "Come On"

Friday, Oct 15, 2010 7:49AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne
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Controversial television host Bill O'Reilly has shared his reaction to Eminem recently revealing his decision to not allow profanity in his home.

Speaking on his nightly broadcast earlier this week, O'Reilly pointed out the faults in Em's cursing restriction.

"Check three. Controversial rapper Eminem interviewed on '60 Minutes' last night as you may know he has made millions of dollars putting out stuff like this," O'Reilly said on his broadcast before playing a portion of Em's "Forever" verse. "But Eminem says he is different in private because he is raising three young girls. That does not add up. You sell a product aimed at young people and then you ban that product in your own home. Come on." (Fox News)

On Em's "60 Minutes" special, he explains why profanity is not allowed within his household.

"Profanity around my house? No," he tells Anderson Cooper in a '60 Minutes' interview, airing Sunday. "I'm not saying there's not glimpses of me in the music, [that] there's not truth in ... things that I say. But this is music, this is my art..." When he's at home, the 38-year-old father-of-four (real name: Marshall Mathers) says: "I'm a parent. I have daughters. I mean, how would I really sound, as a person ... walking around my house [saying], 'B*tch, pick this up,' you know what I mean? ... I don't cuss." (Us Magazine)

In 2009, O'Reilly called out Em for his portrayal of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin in the "We Made You" music video.

"Few Americans take the vile rapper Eminem seriously," O'Reilly declared on his show. "He represents the lowest form ofentertainment in this country and is a publicity hound to boot. His attack on Sarah Palin, which is very crude, seems to be okay with the media...He's just a, I'm not even gonna do that...It's so crude what he does, kids see it, not adults. Nobody over 25 goes into this stuff...Eminem is obviously on an obscene rant about Sarah Palin, totally obscene, totally inappropriate, nothing good about it. Not a word from Media Matters, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, NBC News, any of the big media, nothing." ("The O'Reilly Factor")

When later asked about his opinion of O'Reilly, Em said the host's comments were humorous.

"[bill O'Reilly], that guy's funny. He's f*cking hilarious. When I seen the thing, whatever the f*ck it was, when I was surfin' the Internet which I do so much, I seen it and was like eh, you know. I guess that's what he does in his world. It is what it is." (Shade 45)

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I think it's silly that he cusses as much as he does in his music when he doesn't cuss around the house. I think he should make more room for the lyricists that he is (again) in his music by taking out the cussing...at least the unnecessary cussing (which is still most of it). I think O'Reilly is an idiot. He isn't saying anything important here. He certainly doesn't have any room to talk about anyone cussing. 3 words..."Do it live." :laugh:

I forgive Eminem for the near-decade of crap music he was making. He's back on point. His lyrics are creative, funny, relevant, and with more variety. His production is better. His performances are great. Eminem is actually doing good things for Hip-Hop right now so I'm not gonna knock him even tho' I would prefer further changes in his music.

While we are on topic tho'...I think it's awful that he chose the worst song off his album as the next single. I hope it doesn't do much and that he follows it up quickly with a new single/video.

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Turntable, you get a win for posting a Lewis Black segment. lol. How many times can you say the "f" word before it becomes uncomfortable? Just say it over and over. Say it sad, then mad, then happy, then scared, in different voice tones. Then try a non-profane word (i suggest two or more syllable words cuz it's funny) Now which was easier?

"it is stupid to judge people based on their swearing" - I agree. But if they do it constantly, like every other sentence (and they aren't drunk or high, and even so, it becomes a problem)

I myself have to get really really angry or upset before I use a profane word. Will Smith has cussed. It was understandable in Bad Boys because of the character he portrayed. Or on FPOBA, where Will is thinking about going to the pool hall, and his consciences tell him "What are ya ig'nant? Put up the DAMN keys!" *smacks in the the head*. Question, would that be less funny if he didn't say damn?

Eminem was smart when he said "Will Smith aint gotta cuss in his raps to sell records, well I do/ so f' him and f' u too"/"
It was a joke and truthfulness of how times changed. We could rewind time, let Eminem take out all the cussing he did in his songs and see how he'd fare. Cussing isn't the main stay of selling records, but it helped. NWA's "F The Police". Before people would get offended if the words were uttered just once. Now it's so common place, most people only get upset if it's repeatedly and unjustly.

Bill Cosby had a problem with Eddie Murphy's comedy routine back in the day. Profanity provides an extra umph that certain words just can't cover. Some people use it and some people don't. If an NWA, jeri-curled Ice Cube (aka O'Shea Jackson) walked up to you and said "I'm gonna mess you up" or he said "I'm gonna f* you up!", which is scarier? If you don't hear F* that often, but when you do, it means business.

I don't think it's that big of an issues. Eminem has gone thru it for us. NWA has gone thru it for us. Etc. There are times when it's acceptable and times when it's not.

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Truthfully Eminem got popular since there's a lot of immature youths out there that talk the same way that he does, when I think of Eminem I think about a lot of the people that I graduated high school with, Eminem is a reflection of society in general but if people would mature then I think more thoughtful artists like KRS-ONE would become more popular, KRS even says that hip hop is a reflection of society, the youth craves violence, provacitive images, and profanity but if they mature more then we'll see a change... I'm spinning "I Wish I Made That" right now in my CD player and that verse where Will says that young people don't think he's black enough basically describes the immature society we live in, real talented artists think in their music without cursing a million times, even when Ice Cube curses it's in the context of what he's saying and you could feel that emotion....

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that's true, but you figure the new generations should learn the mistakes the older generation made and not repeat them if they want to evolve

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We somehow did right, I mean there is a black presiden in the usa, a female chancellor in germany and so on. We also stopped commiting genocoide in the wetsren world and stopped having wars with each other in western europe. You dont have to go many generations back for that.

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"Freakin' It" isn't even close to one of Will's best songs but he sums it up perfectly in that first verse:

"I'm bout to freak this full out the king of the hill
Big Will keepin' it real knees in da grill
The whole set all locked down, making you flock down,
Where I'm at they here my rap,
I be that cat to set trends
Where y'all at
On the corner with your friends
Heard you screamin about cream in your rap kid
Yo my last check for Wild Wild West came on a flat bed
Once and for all lets get this straight
How you measure a rapper what make an MC great
Is it the sales? 20 mill
Is it the cars? Bentley's
Is it the women? Jada
Is it the money? Please
Mr. Clean yet the fact remain
Got girls that don't speak English screamin' my name
All you rappers yellin' bout who you put in a hearse
Do me a favor write one verse without a curse"

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