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Willow Smith : Whip My Hair


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omg i cant believe u posted that. I was watching X factor last night, and there is an advert just before it where members of the public post a video of themselves dancing or miming to a song and i saw that first one and thought it looked like Willow and Jaden, but it was on so fast i couldnt tell. They dont normally have celebs doing it, just ordinary people submit the videos.

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Hey, dont be dissing on Will.I.am.. They guy has brought a lot of innovative ideas and music blends through the years. Its just that he lost track of what he was doing in the last 3 or 4 years..

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When has Will.I.Am been an innovator?

Before Fergie joined BEP, they were actually doing very creative, great music!

Great, yes, innovative, no. They were one of 50 others independent Hip Hop groups. Fergie joining them probably is the onlz reason they are still around. But when it comes to the quality, it made them fall off. Will.I.Am has made some good beats for others, even some for BEP, but it's not that special.

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Cool article..

Video: Willow Smith Performs At Highline Ballroom (ft. Will, Jada & Jaden Smith)

Video includes Jaden Smith hitting the dougie, and appearance from Will and Jada

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to see lil’ Willow Smith perform “Whip My Hair” at Highline Ballroom. The performance was a part of Power Live’s Holiday show and fans of Willow were able to attend for free in exchange for bringing an unwrapped toy.

While Willow took pics with fans, her parents Will and Jada and her brother Jaden quietly slipped in the back door. Jada was almost unnoticeable as she played the background the entire show, however Will signed autographs on balloons and dropped them into the crowd throughout the night.

My day wouldn’t have been complete if I didn’t tell Will Smith how much he inspires me. My friend Patrick Neree introduced me to his “Wisdom” videos that someone mashed up on youtube and every since then, I watch them every day to stay motivated. I walked up to him and said “I just have to tell you, you inspire me. I watch your “wisdom” videos and it makes me grind harder”. His response was “99% is the same as zero. If you are gonna do 99, go ahead stay home“. At that very moment, I needed to hear that.







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now if you watch that video of Willow performing.. the few times she does do live vocals it looks like she doesn't know how to sing into the mic.. the rest the backing track dominates.. but she is 10 so you have to expect that.. I don't think youcan call her the next Michael Jackson or anything tho

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