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I waz watching 106 + Park and Lil' Romeo's new video hit number 9. Nick Cannon produced the beat. At 1st i thought it waz really light weight, but by the middle of the song i loved the beat. He then speeds up and samples the hook from Shai's early 90's R-N-B classic "If I Ever Fall In Love." I'm a big Shai fan myself and wazn't offeneded at all that he used it cuz it comes across real nice. Nick in the background and lip syncing the chorus. :roll: Tatyana Ali also has a cameo in it...looking as good as ever. I didn't really pay attention 2 Lil' Romeo...but check the song.
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[quote=WildWildWillennium,Sep 16 2004, 09:06 PM]...got me interested in the producer side of Nick Cannon. :dj:[/quote]
Yeah, i support his music and his acting but i didn't know he waz getting deep in 2 producing. This is the start and this a good way 2 start. The beat isn't bad at all. Great choice of a chorus-sample 2.
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I love Nick Cannon's music. He's helped fill a big gap this year that usually remains empty. He came out with an album that didn't have cussing, it experimented with different styles of Hip-Hop, and it actually had lyrics 2 the songs that stayed on topic. Props 2 Nick Cannon on the music tip!!
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