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Code Red was an interesting era. The album was riddled with other producers (all good...but why not use Jazzy since A Touch of Jazz was becoming more established). Jazzy was creating the music in Philly and then sending them to FP in California. They promoted the album themselves pretty well. They did award shows and other performance shows plus interviews...together and separate. Jive did an okay job promoting (tho' they certainly didn't bend over backward for JJ+FP). It was really the Dr. Dre/Snoop Doggy Dogg dominated video and radio that didn't support them much. EVERYONE was releasing albums with explicit lyric stickers on them and recording with a harder edge. Some legit music and some phony studio-gangsta mess. Both of them were dedicated for JJ+FP but also distracted with their individual careers finally blossoming. Not to mention The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. FP was starting a family while heading towards divorce.

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Nice find Jim!!! "Code Red" is probably my most scratched up CD that I own, I gotta get a new copy soon, lol, even though I think "He's The DJ.." is their greatest album, with "Big Willie Style" and "Willenium" coming coming close, I love "The Return Of The Magnificent" too which is a shame that FP didn't spit on it since it'd made it even more of the perfect album, all the haters need to read an article like this and this would give them a brighter perspective on the legendary career of JJFP.... It's a surprise that Jeff's rating is so down with "Code Red" 'cause they always perform "I Wanna Rock" at their shows and FP still remembers the lyrics to a B-side on the album "From Da South".... Ultimately though "Code Red" is right there with LL Cool J's "14 Shots...", MC Hammer's "The Funky Headhunter", and Nas' "Nastradomous" album as the most underrated album in hip hop history, it's funny how some albums are so slept on that even the artists themselves underrate 'em...

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