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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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This is probably the best, insightful, in-depth read about JJ+FP ever published. I love this type of reading!!! Straight from Jazzy himself - the definitive interview.

DJ Jazzy Jeff is struggling to make sense of it all. When you insist that the man born Jeffrey Townes is a certified hip-hop legend, he seems uncomfortable with such a notion. Yet, the stat sheet doesn’t lie. As one half of the highly influential late ‘80s rap duo Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, the celebrated tandem sold millions of albums as they helped push the rugged boundaries of hip-hop to Middle America. The irony? The kindler, gentler young men from the otherwise two-fisted area of West Philadelphia presented a PG alternative to the hardcore likes of Public Enemy and NWA. Indeed landmark songs like “Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble,” “Parents Just Don’t Understand,” and “Summertime” garnered Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince universal acclaim. Still, there were the critics who dismissed the MTV darlings as mere pop fluff.

Never mind that. Jazzy Jeff went on to stake his claim as one of the most celebrated hip-hop turntablist of all time; an underrated talent that made the music industry take notice after forming the successful production crew A Touch of Jazz—an outfit that has hammered out hits for everyone from Jill Scott to Michael Jackson. Jeff’s gregarious partner Will Smith? He conquered Hollywood, becoming one of the biggest box office stars to ever walk God’s green earth. From the Fresh Prince to his own Magnificent album series, Jazzy Jeff looks back at a history-making career that spans more than two decades.—Keith Murphy


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Tha was awesome!! I think both will and Jeff underestimate how good an "album" code red is though..take boom shake the room out of it..and that's one of the best rap albums ever.. It was also interested how Jeff now regrets not coming back as JJFP for big willie style.. That woulda been great

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I'm sure that when they look at their own albums, they are thinking about much more than the music. They are thinking about the process and what they were going thru' personally.

I recently got this book that has vague album reviews in it. The gave many of the JJ+FP albums rating a bit lower than how I view them. But they gave Code Red one star. I have no idea what they were thinking. In most cases the album stars represented the success of the album and nothing more.

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This is such a fantastic read because its directly from Jeff himself. Yes, Will should definitely do the same one of these days and just talk about that moment of time. Like Will said in the past, an album is a snapshot of the artist's life at the time. I really was hoping there would be a tad bit more regarding Code Red since that album unfortunately is never talked about.

My favorite line of the whole interview is this:
I don’t care how mad I am at Will or vice versa; we did this together. We will never split up.

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Thats right. Theres not a lot of info out there about life while doing code red album. I wish somebody would create an in depth video documentary of their early music careers..

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