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T.I mentions Will as favorite celebrity..


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Rapper T.I. recently talked about his five favorite celebrities including Jay-Z and Will Smith.

"Jay-Z: He done the rap **** to the best it could be done. He's done it better than anyone who's ever done it. Master P: He came from the same ghetto and bullsh*t that I came from and turned himself into a corporate conglomerate. Russell Simmons: I look up to Russ, because ... he started this **** and he still here. Will Smith: He got it right. Will transitioned from rapping to acting and did it at a stellar level of performance. Diddy: He's fly as I am; just as conceited, pompous, and arrogant as me, but he managed to maintain a humble sense of self. Puff got enough sense to know--even though he feels like he's more the **** than anybody else--when they got something going on that [he] ain't got. He knows when to take pages out of other people's books."


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I agree with AJ here, TI's just like the other rappers and singers who just give Will credit for his movies and not his music, part of that is Will's fault though 'cause the industry's all about what have you done lately and lately Will hasn't released any music, he cried out for respect in 2005 when he released "Lost and Found" but he's done nothing but movies since then... On the other hand though TI is only out for his own benefit, only giving credit artists that he knows are popular 'cause he knows that'll get more people to buy his records, he needs to stop try acting like a 2Pac wannabe and find himself for real, getting arrested every 5 minutes ain't keepin' it real, he's a fake gangsta to me, I was starting to gain respect for him when he put out "Paper Trail" but all that was thrown out the window when he keeps f'n up his life...

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