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FIFA World Cup 2010


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Damn.. Now I only have one team left.. I cant Believe they got rid of Brazil and Argentina like that.. Oh and that guy Villa from Spain should get a Statue!

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Trust me, ale, it won't be easy playing us in the semi-finals. We embarrased England, we embarrased Argentina yesterday. I know Spain got a great team, and I admire some of the players (like Villa, for example), but they don't play as great as they did 2 years ago! I feel they only play with 50%. But trust me, your team will need 100% on Wednesday, otherwise it will be Germany vs. Netherlands in the finals.

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I know what you guys mean, and I agree. We'll need to play a lot better against Germany if we want to do what we did 2 years ago. The problem is, Germany is just too strong now, that's why I think we're gonna lose. And that's why I'm not getting my hopes up :laugh:

Anyways I'm glad with the work Spain has done so far.

Romano, I think we played much better against Portugal than against Paraguay. If only damn Torres was playing at his best..

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Im routing for Uruguay in this semifinals being the last of the teams from America, and Im routing for Spain being the other Hispanic country left and the only and last one of my picks left alive..

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