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Saturday (June 5th) was such a great night.

After missing Jeff in Atlantic City, NJ back in January, it felt like forever to see him and his crew again. After checking his website constantly everyday, he finally was coming back to Atlantic City to spin. I asked my two boys to accompany me and we went down. He was spinning at Club Mur.Mur which is one of, if not, the best club in Atlantic City, NJ. Its in the Borgata casino which is the newest casino in the area.
I wanted to get a spot close to the DJ area so we got there right as they allowed the first few people in around 10 o clock. Got some drinks and stood next to the DJ area all night. The opening hour, hour and a half of clubs are always hard since its still early and people are still arriving. We're still having a good time regardless of the wait, enjoy the jams and the mixes. Around 1230, Jeff and his crew come in and I got the attention of Darnell and Skillz and greeted them. Jeff was preparing to take over the wheels and within ten minutes, he along with Skillz took the club on a musical journey. Skillz is the man and he compliments Jeff extremely well. It's all about having a good time for two hours or so. They ended the set with the summertime instrumental which featured a blend of some R&B track which I'm not sure of but whatever it was sounded excellent! Jeff started off with the summertime sample like he used when him and FP performed in 2004-05. Incredible. Gave me chills! lol
When that was complete, Darnell told security to allow my boys and I into the DJ area and we met Jeff again, We congratulated him and Skillz on a great show and asked him whats next musically and he told me about the Ayah project and how his new studio is being complete in 2 weeks. Of course, I had to ask if him and Will were gonna work together soon and he said not immediately but soon they will. I could tell Jeff was worn down since they were just in Montreal 24 hours beforehand, then to Philly 12 hrs beforehand and now in AC. No time for sleep. After that, Jeff's fiance Lynette invited us down to the reserved area and her and Darnell told us to help ourselves to some drinks. Darnell also hooked us up with hard copies of My Fav's Vol 1 and Jazzy & Ayah Presents This Way sampler! We also met a few people from Jeff's crew and had a blast. The hospitality is incredible. We talked to everybody..some of the nicest people ever!
After the club ended around 4, Darnell invited us along to Fat Burger which is a burger joint downstairs of the casino. He showed us how to jump the line and we got our burgers before like 20 people did who stood on line. LOL. Around 5 we said our goodbyes and thanked them for a great evening. Such an incredible night, such incredible people. Looking forward to doing this again. I cant thank Tim, Jeff, Darnell and their crew enough - I'm forever grateful and appreciative and its truly a blessing for the hype fan!

Some pics!
29498_1341869950196_1334610011_30911682_ I'm in Blue!

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That sounds awesome, I'm happy for ya Jim!!

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