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Hello guys i just wanted to share this beatape brought by a small web blog called The Backpacked in which i got the chance to partcipate. It was a contest in which many producers sent beats sampling artist from the very well known label Philadelphia International Records, my beat called "Come On!" sampling Dexter Wansel's "Dance with me Tonight" made the cut, so I invite you guys to download and give some feedback, also you can enjoy the other beats (those are very nice too). Thanks fam!

Philadelphia International Inspired Beatape

1. Dig Into The Past (Josh Grooves)
2. The Time Has Come (Subtractiveq)
3. Hurry Up (Arias)
4. This Is How We Party (AfterTouch)
5. The Search (Acestramental)
6. Come On! (Souldier Beatz)
7. This Is Magic (Evil Needle)
8. Down In Philly (Michael)
9. Running In Circles (Main Theory)
10. Satisfaction (Subtractiveq)
11. Closer Than Close (Cenzo Beatz)
12. O-Ren Cotton Mouth (JBmBeatz)

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I download it yesterday and I liked it, some of the beats were better than the rest, but good overall, thanks for bringing it Luigie! It would be great to get some lyrics for these Gems!

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