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Happy mother's day!


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Hey people! Im here today to wish yall a great mother's day. Today is a really happy day for me.. I thought it was going to be a sad day because Im in NYC and my mom lives in Dominican Republic, far away.. This would have been my first Mothers day without my mom, but God looked at me and my mom surprised me last night on my doorstep. I was so happy I cant even express it on words.. This showed me to appreciate the good things God does for me, and made me appreciate my mother more everyday and I would like to share those thoughts upon you and your families. I hope you have a happy Mother's day with those you love, and show them your appreciation not only in this special day, but from now on, everyday and every night.

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Happy Mother's Day, Yes We Have To Be Thankful To God For Our Mothers, May God Bless Them Today and Everyday!!

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