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Actor Will Smith Visits KSC; Film Shoot Possible

Men In Black 3' Could Film On Space Coast, Sources Say

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. -- Photos obtained by WESH 2 News show actor Will Smith visiting the Kennedy Space Center on Tuesday.

A source at KSC said the actor was taking part in a site survey for the movie “Men In Black 3.”

Officials at KSC confirmed that Smith did visit on Tuesday, but would not provide further details.

Bonnie King with the Space Coast Film Commission said there was nothing she could announce regarding Smith’s visit.

A call placed to the Los Angeles liaison for the Florida Governor’s Office of Film and Entertainment was not immediately returned.

According to multiple movie industry websites, the movie is expected to start filming on Sept. 13 in New York. The film’s expected release date is May 25, 2012.

Several websites for movie enthusiasts report the third installment of the popular series will be set in 1969 and will involve Smith’s character, Agent J, traveling back in time.

The “Men In Black” movie series revolves around a secret government agency that manages Earth’s alien population. The agents work to maintain the existence of such population a secret for the rest of humanity.

A 1969 backdrop could make perfect sense for a shoot at KSC. Apollo 11 landed on the moon in 1969, marking the first moon landing by humans.

A video said to be a teaser trailer with Smith for the movie said “Men In Black 3” would be released in 3-D.

Space Coast film officials confirmed in May that the third installment of the “Transformers” movie series would film at KSC in September. That film is due to be released in July of 2011.

“Armageddon” and “Space Cowboys” were also filmed in Brevard County.


Pics here!


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I like hearing all of the buzz. I could see Mike Tyson in a small role...but nothing 2 big. Any news confirming Tommy Lee Jones yet? The movie just won't be the same without him. I can't see it being nearly as good as it could be. The whole time traveling thing is a bit of a stretch. Maybe they are gonna stop with this one. There's always the chance that Agent J might not come back from the past which would be an appropriate way to finish off the series. And unlike the idiots behind the Marvel Comics movies...NO REBOOTS!!

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Josh Brolin: Will Smith is amazing

Josh Brolin says Will Smith has the “Midas touch”, although his perfectionist nature can “drive people crazy” sometimes.

Earlier this year it was announced Will would be reprising his role as Agent Jay for the third instalment of the popular science-fiction franchise Men in Black.

Josh will also star in the movie, and is rumoured to be portraying a younger version of Agent Kay, the character played by Tommy Lee Jones in the first two films.

Josh admits the nature of his role in the movie hasn’t been finalised, although he has thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Will in the studio and particularly admires the star’s determination and drive.

“Will is amazing to work with because he cares about every nook and cranny that goes on and it drives some people crazy, you know in the studio doing it, but he knows, man - the Midas touch, he’s got it,” said Josh in an interview with MTV.

Josh was quick to add he is not “replacing” Tommy’s character in the movie, adding he is confident that whatever happens the film will be interesting.

“I’m not replacing Tommy - that I know. There’s more suggestion going on than anything,” he added, revealing he still feels uncomfortable discussing the project as there’s so much speculation.

“It’s very interesting, it’s very, very interesting. As you can tell I get nervous talking about it ‘cos I’m not there yet, hopefully I’ll get there and hopefully it’ll be alright. I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun.”


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Josh Brolin On His 'Men In Black 3' Role: 'I'm Not Replacing Tommy Lee Jones'

Back in May, Columbia announced that it was officially moving forward with "Men in Black III," with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones set to reprise their roles as Agents J and K respectively. Shortly thereafter, Josh Brolin was confirmed to play a younger version of Jones' Agent K thanks to the film's time-travel angle.

Having already worked with Jones on the set of of the Coen brothers' "No Country for Old Men," Brolin is perhaps uniquely suited to capture the mannerisms of the elder actor while portraying the same character at a different point in his life. When asked by MTV News if he had taken the opportunity to study the rest of Jones' films for the role, Brolin was enthusiastic with his reply.

"I am! I feel like I spend too much time with Tommy anyway," said Brolin. "But now I'm looking at it from a different perspective. It's very, very interesting. As you can tell I get nervous talking about it because I'm not there yet and hopefully it'll be alright. I think it's going to be a lot of fun."

"I don't know what the balance is yet," added Brolin. "I'm not replacing Tommy, that I know. There's more suggestion going on than anything."

Brolin also spoke out about the opportunity to star alongside Smith for the first time.

"Will is amazing to work with because he cares about every nook and cranny about what goes on. And he drives some people crazy in the studio doing it. But he knows, man. He's got the midas touch. He's got it. [And] he's a smart guy."

Between "Men and Black III" and another potential movie, Brolin also explained that he originally planned to reunite with one of the Coen brothers on the stage.

"I was supposed to do Ethan Coen's plays at Saint Ann's in Brooklyn between 'Men in Black' and this other movie that I may do. But that may have to be repositioned. But yeah, I'll be in New York for like a year. I live here, man. I live in a hotel, but I live here now."



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Emma Thompson joins the 'Men in Black' team

Emma Thompson is in negotiations to join Will Smith in “Men In Black III.”

Barry Sonnenfeld is directing the project, which reunites Smith’s Agent Jay with Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent Kay. Most of the action, however, takes place in the 1969 with Josh Brolin playing a young Jones.

Jemaine Clement is playing the villain in the script, which is being kept under wraps.

Thompson will play take-charge MIB operative Agent Oh, who is monitoring a prison breakout. Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald are producing. David Koepp wrote the most recent draft.

“MIB3” begins shooting later this month in New York.

Thompson, repped by WME, is coming off a starring turn in Working Title’s “Nanny McPhee Returns.”

- Borys Kit


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Men In Black - Rep Explains Men In Black 3 Delay

Rep Explains Men In Black 3 Delay

A studio representative has dismissed rumours the new MEN IN BLACK movie has been put on hold after its star WILL SMITH fell out with producers over the script.

The Hollywood actor is reprising his role as Agent J to fight aliens in the third installment of the hit franchise and he will reportedly be joined by his former co-star Tommy Lee Jones and new addition to the cast, Josh Brolin.

Filming was due to begin in New York this month (Oct10), but was pushed back until late November (10) - sparking rumours of a rift between Smith, director Barry Sonnenfeld and the picture's producers.

Reports suggested the actor was unhappy with the script and the shoot had been delayed following a series of arguments.

But a rep for Sony Pictures is adamant stories of an on-set dispute are not true and blames the delay on changes to New York's film incentive scheme, which aims to bring moviemakers to the state.

The spokesperson tells New York Post gossip column Page Six, "The only reason production will begin in mid-November as opposed to late October is to take advantage of recent changes affecting New York State film incentives. Suggesting that a disagreement triggered the shift is complete fiction."


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Some interesting MIB casting news:

"Will Smith’s Men in Black sequel has already set Jemaine Clement and Josh Brolin (as a young Tommy Lee Jones). The Cog reports that apparently Gemma Arterton, Alec Baldwin, and Sharlto Copley are all in negotiations for roles in the film. Arterton would play a secretary in the 1969 version of MIB; Baldwin would play the 1969 MIB boss; and Copley would play a fast-talking Yoda type alien. Nicole Sherzinger has also been offered a cameo as Clement’s girlfriend. As previously reported, Emma Thompson has also been cast; she’ll play the head of MIB in modern day. Filming starts in November, and is expected to run through February."

link: http://www.pajiba.com/trade_news/exclusive-sharlto-copley-for-men-in-black-3-unnecessary-plot-details-on-seth-macfarlanes-movie.php

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