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The Fresh prince of Bel-Air is back¡¡¡


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Is that the REAL Will Smith Twitter ?

Because, it all started withg that !

If it's not, the news is wrong !

If it is, so the news is real and amazing !


Weird... he's not follwing Jeff !

But by reading the tweets, it's seems possible...

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A Fresh Prince Reunion?

Dust off your Hammer Pants and start freshening up your “Carlton Dance.” We’re headed back to the ’90s.

Word on The Curb has it that the former cast and crew of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air are in chats for a one-time reunion special that could make its way to the airwaves as early as next year.

The hit comedy starred Grammy-winning rapper/actor Will Smith as a headstrong kid from Philly transplanted to live with his wealthy aunt, uncle, and cousins in Los Angeles’ ritzy Bel-Air community. The Fresh Prince featured guest appearances by a bevy of stars — including Tom Jones, Don Cheadle, Naomi Campbell, and Queen Latifah — and ruled NBC’s Monday night lineup for seven seasons before leaving the air in 1996.

“Will [smith] and Tatyana [Ali] crossed paths a while ago and were chatting and joking about the idea of getting everyone back together. A couple of the old writers including Andy Borowitz caught wind of it and started putting some stuff together… Alfonso [Ribeiro] and James [Avery] are also said to be 100% interested in doing it,” whispers one well-placed TV insider.

We wonder which of the Aunt Vivians they’ll be bringing back!

The last time the cast appeared together was in 2009, when several of the show’s former stars dropped by for a special edition of Catch 21, a Game Show Network program hosted by Fresh Prince alum Alfonso Ribiero.

I don't wanna get hyped cause it might be just a rumor but damn, it would be great to see them together once more.
It aint that hard to guess which aunt viv would be invited to take part in it... :pound:


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