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Will Smith

TV Guide Network follows Fresh Prince of Bel Aire star Will Smith on his rise to superstardom since leaving the show. Will talks about the different stages of his career with movies like Independence Day, I Am Legend and more!


Jeffrey Jazzy Jeff Townes

Millions of music fans know Jeff Towns as DJ Jazzy Jeff, as well as Jazz on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Townes fills TV Guide Network in on what he's up to now, his stature as a DJ and working with long-time friend Smith.


Alfonso Ribeiro

One of the most popular sitcom characters of the early nineties was Cousin Carlton, Will Smith's preppy cousin on The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. TV Guide Network catches up with Alfonso Ribeiro for a look at his post-Prince career!


Tatyana Ali

Catch up with Fresh Prince of Bel Aire's cousin Ashley as TV Guide Network hangs with Tatyana Ali. Tatyana talks about growing up on camera, working with Will Smith, attending Harvard and her post-Prince career.


James Avery

As Phillip Banks, aka 'Uncle Phil', James Avery played Will Smith's father figure and foil on Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. TV Guide Network catches up with the classically trained Avery, who talks about the show and his career since.


Joseph Marcel

British born actor Joseph Marcel was loved by millions for his role as the Banks family butler Geoffrey on Fresh Prince of Air. Joseph talks about the show and his career afterwards, which includes numerous TV and theatrical projects.


Karyn Parson

TV Guide Network catches up with Fresh Prince of Bel Air star Karyn Parsons. Check out the TV and philanthropic work she's been involved in since ending her role as cousin Hilary, including a DVD series near and dear to her heart.


Janet Hubert & Daphne Reid

TV Guide Network looks at the two women who played Vivian Banks on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Find out how a real life pregnancy forced Hubert off the show and opened the door for Reid.


Ross Bagley

Fresh Prince of Bel Air fans might remember Ross Bagley better as Nicky, the youngest and latest addition to the Banks family. We catch up with Bagley, who's post-Prince career included a co-starring role in Independence Day!


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