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Yeah Turntable, I've been checking out Statik Selektah's music ever since you started mentioning him here in this forum, he puts out a lot of hot music.. I gotta say this new DJ KaySlay album's hot too:


There's still some good music out there but as usual it just don't get promoted like it should be.

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Well, most of them release stuff on little labels or on their own little labels, so dont expect any promotion. Statik is on top of his game though, almost every beat he makes is dope and all the acts he signed (Termanology, Reks and more) release dope stuff all the time. Statiks albums all been dope so far, its crazy how many diffrent acts from diffrent times he has on there. Right now he's producing a lof of complete albums too for various acts.

Check this track, I never thought Bun would sound that dope on a beat like this

I cant wait for Jazzy's new album, its gonna be dope. TROTM was amazing, I still bump it all the time. I just wish Jazzy would be out there more, making more beats and working with more atists. He could be on top.

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