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I like almost half of these songs...ha ha....here's the list...

Worst Songs of the 2000s

Posted by Spinner Staff

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Best-of-an-era lists are always super-subjective: One judge's American Idol might be another's 'American Idiot.' But getting a majority to agree on the worst songs of the past decade should be a safer proposition. Can we assume we've all been aggravated to the point of self-injury by at least a few of the songs that follow? We thought so.

50. 'You're Beautiful,' James Blunt (2004)

Voted the most irritating song of all time in a British newspaper poll. By the same people who gave us Mr. Blunt in the first place.

49. 'Rockstar,' Nickelback (2005)

The band followed up its blockbuster 'How You Remind Me' with a rash of hits, none of which gave us quite the rash of this faux-cowboy anthem.

48. 'Warrior,' Kid Rock (2008)

If we plug our ears, does that mean we don't support the troops?

47. 'Gasolina,' Daddy Yankee (2004)

Pay at the pump. Do not top off.

46. 'Kryptonite,' 3 Doors Down (2000)

It's named, of course, for Superman's weakness. That's assuming the band has strengths.

45. 'Numb,' Linkin Park (2003)

"Can't you see that you're smothering me?" Chester asks. Hey, it's a two-way street.

44. 'La La,' Ashlee Simpson (2005)

Infamously, the pop star's next single after her 'SNL' lip-syncing meltdown. Should we be surprised it tanked?

43. 'Hollaback Girl,' Gwen Stefani (2005)

Dissed as a "cheerleader," Gwen chose the high road, poking fun at herself with this pom-pom anthem. Personally, we're partial to Toni Basil.

42. 'I Kissed a Girl,' Katy Perry (2008)

California voters reversed the right to same-sex marriage the year this song was released. Coincidence?

41. 'The Reason,' Hoobastank (2003)

Ballads and ridiculous band names haven't been this egregiously linked since the Butthole Surfers' 'The Ballad of Naked Man.'

40. 'Bad Day,' Daniel Powter (2005)

Covered by Alvin and the Chipmunks, who did it better.

39. 'Butterfly,' Crazy Town (2001)

"I'll make your legs shake": Are they pulling our leg?

38. 'Laffy Taffy,' D4L (2005)

Kiddie candy hasn't been so inappropriately raunchy since Blow Pops and Atomic Fireballs.

37. 'I Am a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song),' Gummibar (2007)

Please tell us this one isn't X-rated, too.

36. 'Milkshake,' Kelis (2003)

Seriously, what's next? Now they're going to tell us there's something kinky about cotton candy.

35. 'Fergalicious,' Fergie (2006)

Fergie appears elsewhere on our list with the Black Eyed Peas, making her our sole repeat offender. Not that she's the only one who annoyed us twice.

34. 'Blue (Da Ba Dee),' Eiffel 65 (2000)

Do I look green to you?

33. 'She Bangs,' Ricky Martin (2000)

William Hung covered it. They make a nice couple.

32. 'Stars Are Blind,' Paris Hilton (2006)

Apparently deaf, too.

31. 'Wrestlers,' Hot Chip (2008)

A wan electropop ditty that depicts a domestic dispute in terms of pro wrestling. "Don't hit me with the chair": Only if you put this song down for the count.

30. 'American Life,' Madonna (2003)

With its military theme on the eve of the Iraq War, Madonna pulled her own video from circulation. Madonna, self-censoring: That's not the America we know and love.

29. 'Forever,' Chris Brown (2008)

Rihanna clearly has a different point of view on this one.

28. 'I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman,' Britney Spears (2001)

The waffling was killing us.

27. 'PopoZao,' Kevin Federline (2006)

The unwanted pop star should have taken a new nickname: Force-Fed.

26. 'It Wasn't Me,' Shaggy (2000)

Kicking off an unaccountable decade with an immortal pop denial: "It wasn't me."

25. 'Because I Got High,' Afroman (2001)

He fails in school, defaults on child support and gambles his car payment 'Because I Got High': Why not try singing 'It Wasn't Me'?

24. 'Come On Over,' Jessica Simpson (2008)

The erstwhile Yoko Romo didn't deserve the nickname. Yoko's a better singer.

23. 'What's Left of Me,' Nick Lachey (2006)

Like the Tin Man, or the Devil in 'Little Nicky,' he's falling apart, literally.

22. 'Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue,' Toby Keith (2002)

When the eagle took flight in this collision of patriotic clichés, we yearned for John Ashcroft's singing career.

21. 'God Bless the USA,' Lee Greenwood (2001 reissue)

Technically a 1984 release, we'll make room for this singularly shmaltzy tune since it kept coming back to life, like a zombie.

20. 'All the Things She Said,' Tatu (2002)

When these Russian pop chicks revealed they're not really lesbian lovers, both of their fans demanded refunds.

19. 'Just the Girl,' Click Five (2005)

Proving that even a Berklee College of Music education doesn't ensure good taste.

18. 'Do I Make You Proud,' Taylor Hicks (2006)

What are we, your mother?

17. 'The Way I Are,' Timbaland feat. DOE and Keri Hilson (2007)

Suffice to say, we am not big fans.

16. 'Party Like a Rock Star,' Shop Boyz (2007)

Without picking up an actual guitar or drum stick.

15. 'This Is Why I'm Hot,' Mims (2007)

Because Moms made you wear a sweater?

14. 'Cupid's Chokehold,' Gym Class Heroes feat. Patrick Stump (2006)

When the hook is Supertramp, hip hop may in fact be dead.

13. 'Come Clean,' Hilary Duff (2003)

We had no idea she was dirty.

12. 'The Bad Touch,' Bloodhound Gang (2000)

"I want you smothered, want you covered like my Waffle House hash browns." And to think, breakfast used to be our favorite meal.

11. 'Lips of an Angel,' Hinder (2005)

So sweet, so tender, so – dude, you're blocking my view!

10. 'My Way,' Limp Bizkit (2000)

No, not the Sinatra classic. Fred Durst sings. Ol' Blue Eyes would have knocked the cap off his head.

9. 'Don't Stop Movin',' S Club 7 (2001)

Masterminded by Simon Fuller. The Spice Girls just weren't empty enough.

8. 'Gotta Get Thru This,' Daniel Bedingfield (2002)

The apex, and nadir, of UK garage.

7. 'F--- It (I Don't Want You Back),' Eamon (2003)

In the Guinness Book for most expletives in a No. 1 song. That dubious achievement will be surpassed by a recording of someone's reaction to hearing this song.

6. 'Lonely,' Akon (2005)

Did anybody ask poor Bobby Vinton how he felt about having his voice processed to chipmunk speed? Hey, we're sure he's cashing the checks.

5. 'Axel F,' Crazy Frog (2004)

The original animated Crazy Frog was introduced as the Annoying Thing. Then it remade one of the most annoying songs of the '80s.

4. 'Thong Song,' Sisqo (2000)

Who says romance is dead?

3. 'Who Let the Dogs Out,' Baha Men (2000)

Before this obnoxious woofer, this group played a legitimate Bahamian music known as junkanoo. 'Dogs' was just plain junk.

2. 'My Humps,' Black Eyed Peas (2005)

Camels ... sexy.

1. 'Trapped in the Closet,' R. Kelly (2005)

You gotta aim high to stoop this low. Our pick for worst song of the decade is an epic, ongoing saga, a mini-movie of betrayal, infidelity, disloyalty, cheatin', some old Popeye's chicken and a spatula. Plus a midget. We all thought the story was weird when the R. Kelly sex tapes came out. As it turns out, no story is weirder than the one unspooling inside the man's head.

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I kinda like Thong Song, F**k It and My Humps ! And I like Lonely ! And others that I don't hate !

But it's obvious they don't know La Fouine ("the stone marten" in english :/) :D. A french "rapper". I just hate every things he does.

His lyrics are sssooooo stupids and without any relevance. I never saw that in my life.

Edited by Romano338
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Yeah almost half of these songs are actually good, how can you diss the "Thong Song"

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