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A Completely Off-Topic Random Sexual Encounter


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Been a while since I posted here. Had a few health issues. But anyway...

I hooked up with this random girl recently. We were, you know, "getting it on" and everything. But for some reason the only item of clothing she wouldn't let me remove was her bra.

Still, I did the business, and noticed that one of her nipples popped out half way through the sexual act. It was hairy. And I mean EXTREMELY hairy. I couldn't stop looking at it. My penis suddenly went flaccid and I couldn't continue. She asked me what was wrong and I couldn't tell her.

I could understand her being embarrassed, hence not wanting to remove her bra, but if she knew she had hairy nipples then why didn't she just shave em? I don't get it.

Anyway, that's my random experience that I thought I would share with you. I bet you're wishing you really hadn't of read this now, eh?

Any comments on this, fellas? Or any random experiences that you wish to share with the community? Go ahead. Might as well.

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LMAO...I remember there was an episode of The Man Show...or I think it was the man show with Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla. Anyways they played a prank on guys at Mardi Gras. They got this chick to wear pasties to cover her nipples but the pasties had hair on them. So when the crowd starts yelling 'show us your boobs' she would lift her top and show off these hairy boobs. Jimmy and Adam would record the crowds reaction. Some of the dudes were like 'WTF' and seemed so horrified :laugh:

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Since I'm not a girl I dont know how sensitve female nipples are, but I highly doubt you can wax or pluck your nipples without passing the f out :pound:

Well, you gotta consider women get waxed regularly in other "sensitive" areas too, I guess we need to clarify if the hair was located on the actual nipple or in the surrounding area. Andy, care to clear that up dude? :pound:

I cant help but think that the terms being used would be totally different if the conversation wasnt happening on a public forum.

And for hers and your sake dude, I hope this girls never finds this forum. Although, it would be hilarious :pound:

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lol i cant believe we're having a big convo about hairy nipples.

i dont think u can get hair on your actual nipple( just to clarify i do not have hairy nipples despite knowing a lot about nipple hair removal), but when men have hairy nipples its in the surrounding area, so i imagine she could be quite careful and wax around. Or get laser hair removal or something, whatever u cant go around with hairy nipples. i read in a magazine men think its the biggest turn off ever.

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