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Tatyana Ali Stars In 'Buppies'


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BET debuts new web series "Buppies"


Tatyana Ali as Quinci in new BET web series "Buppies"

Former "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" star Tatyana Ali has got a new gig as the star of BET's first ever web series, called "Buppies". The show debuts 3 p.m. tomorrow (Nov. 24) on BET.com.

In it Ms. Ali is a young publicist named Quinci, who's part of the Black Hollywood scene.

In the first two episodes, available for media review, Quinci is trying to recover from the death of her father and a failed engagement to a basketball player. Helping her heal are her circle of friends, which includes the stereotypical light-skinned bougie girl and her equally bougie boyfriend, the brown-skinned ghetto diva, and a lawyer/rapper. Well, that last one is not exactly, typical.

While everyone knows what's happened to Will Smith since "Fresh Prince" ended in 1996, but most of the other cast members have kept pretty low profiles. Recently, James Avery (Uncle Phil) resurfaced as Sherri Sheperd's father in her new series, "Sherri".

Ms. Ali has kept busy doing small films, like "Nora's Hair Salon," "Down & Out" and doing episodes of the CBS soap, "The Young & The Restless." But, according to IMDB.com, she's in a film called "The Misguided Adventures of Dating in Hollywood" scheduled for release next year.


Official Site:


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I was gonna post about this the other day. I saw the commercial for it and it looked like it would be worth giving it a try but that it might not be that great. The vague article u posted above made it sound better than the opinion I formed from the commercial I saw. She looks gorgous in the pic.

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