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I'm a few days late but last Wednesday in Hoboken, NJ, DJ Jazzy Jeff was spinning so of course I made the hour and 45 minute trip to see him on the night of the final game of the World Series.

Basically, my gf and I got there around 1015ish and Jazzy wasnt playing until 11. The place is sort of a small upscale bar/lounge that has 2 main floors. On the downstairs floor is where the couches which were reserved and you can chill out while the upstairs has the bar and it a little smaller size. I notice that the house DJ is spinning at the end of the bar looking onto the 1st floor so we get right in front. Around 1045, I see Darnell, and Jazzy walk upstairs and I shake Darnells hand and say whats up. He pointed out to Jeff that I was there and Jeff said whats up. They get set up behind the bar while watching the big flat screen of the game. I also see Skillz was back there with them. There was this big weird idiot security guy in front of the Jazzy but Darnell kept telling him that I was his boy so I was good for most of the night. Jeff was literally 2 ft in front of me, I had the best spot. The first track Jeff drops is "Empire State of Mind" and from there it was a big party. I had so much fun as he played more club/party tracks as opposed to the album cuts and real hip-hop played 2 months ago when I saw him in Philly. Meanwhile, Darnell is walking around and hands me a phyiscal copy of the new MJ mixtape. I was so hyped. I'm then dancing with my girl and I hear "Jim from jazzyjefffreshprince.com I see you!" and I went over near the staris and talked to him in between the emceing. Skillz is a good dude, real friendly and chill. I told him I saw the interview from a while ago (which I cant find now damnit) from allhiphop.com about the Eminem/Will Smith beef and what not. It was kinda hard to talk to him since he was hyping up the place and all but still was cool. I asked him when they were coming back to Atlantic City, NJ and he said sat nov 28th! As I'm talking to him, I'm seeing Darnell look at me while talking to this woman. She then comes up the stairs and introduces herself to us. She was Lynette, Jeff's wife!! She WAS SO NICE! and she invited downstairs to the couches. I was telling her how I felt like a kid in a candy shop since I been a fan for a while now and this is unbelievable. I also was saying how hip-hop today needs Jeff and Will and said that Will basically doesnt need to make another movie - hes set for life, he can rap. She told me its real hard though because of the movies and all but Will does really really wants to do it so we'll see. I also found out from her that she takes care of Jeff's website but hasnt really been updating since shes had twins and what not which is obviously understandable. She says they def check jazzyjefffreshprince.com often and its a great site. I cant remember if it was Skillz or her that said she met Tim in Florida at the winter music conference. But Tim, you were def brought up! lol. Lynette also told us how Jeff really appreciates the fans and said nothing but good things about us when we met in Philly. She and Darnell also introduced me to Kenny Dope, who produced "My Souls Not 4 Sale" and just said whats up to him and how much I love that track. Darnell actually told him how much of a real fan I was saying how it doesnt get any more real than this and that im the type of fan they love. Near te end of the show, Lynette went behind Jeff and tried to get some pics. haha..After the show, I said whats up to Jeff and had him sign my Code Red and TROTM album covers. It was kind of hard to talk to him this time around cause some people were by him. I got a couple pics with him and then he had to go. I said goodbye to Darnell and I also told him I'll be there on the 28th and he told me to hit him up that week so he can put us on the list. I'm so excited!!!! Thank you Tim!

This is such a dream come true, to have Jeff, his wife, Darnell and Skillz acknowledge and know me personally is awesome. It feels so great!! heres some pics!







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Awesome!!! Loved the story of your night. I'd love to make it up to NJ for the other show but I can't get that day off. (Sick day, possibly). I'll see him again sometime. The pix are great.

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Whats the deal with what i'm guessing is a straw? Looks like he's having a nosebleed hehe

Sounds like an awesome night, wish a bar that size in my area could afford to book Jeff.

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