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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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Exellent dope interview.. i am so anxious to play dj hero is there a practice mode or a tutorial to help you get used to the controls?

Aww man when he starts talking about him and will hooking back up and talking about music gets me hyped. will's movie fans hate it when jeff comes around and we hate when we here about another movie.

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Wow, I didn't watched the interview before I posted it, but it's a really dope interview !

Everything is interesting !

The end is more interesting, we know that they really really want a JJFP reunion, but it's just that they can't for the moment.

But the fact is they really really want to, and they talk about it ! It's a good news !

I remember Will saying a few years ago that music is an obsession. He can wake up in the night and write some lyrics, even if he don't want to make an album. So for him, music is stronger than anything. There is no other way, he will do an other alum (hooopppe...)

The only thing that scares me a little is that Will just took a few months off. So now, he will do some movies for some years. And I think he need a couple of months off to do an album, he will not do an album while doing a movie.

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The game is so difficult. I've 5 starred a lot on medium..but really struggling on hard will not even attempt expert! The scratching and crossfading is easy it's the tapping of buttons while doing that which makes it crazy.

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I just started on expert now I've read the achievements says 5 stars of hard or higher on every mix. There was me thinking I had to do 5 stars on hard and expert. In a way Expert is easier, because as you said, you scratch to the beat, seems more natural. What console you playin on, Tim?

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I still rock DJ Hero out once in a while when friends are round. DJ hero 2 has added some cool extras in the way you play but a lot of the mixes i'm not digging.

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