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Hello !

If you can see the television channel Arte (I don't know which country can see it, France and Germany, but for the others ?), there was yesterday, and it is programmed again for a few times, a documentary on rap, breackdance & graffiti during the 80's.

It is interesting, you can see the evolution of these arts from 1980 to 1989. With a lot of interviews and things about Afrika Babaataa, Kurtis Blow, Dee Nasty,...

I would be happy to post it in DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince part of the forum, but I couldn't : Arte's website annonced that the documentary was about many people including Will Smith, but they talked about him for 30-35 seconds (50 minutes documentary)... A big disappointment.

Plus, they say that Will is "now (in the 80's) an idol for youths thanks to The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air". How could he be an idol thanks to FPOBA in the 80's, FPOBA started in 1990 ! It shows that in Europe (at least, in France and maybe Germany), Will started to be a celebrity in 1990, with FPOBA. Nobody knows what he did before.

So if you can see it (most of the speaking are in english, but a french voice translate), maybe you will find it interesting !

PS : maybe the full show will be on Arte's website, I will post the link if it happens.

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