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Just picked up Willenium on vinyl for £5 (brand new) -- bargain, I'd say :)

Does anyone else collect vinyl? I just wondered if there were any particular Will Smith records that were pretty rare.

I also have JJFP's 'Summertime' 12 inch single.

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I got Willenium for $10 awhile back, and I found the Ring My Bell and Nightmare On My Street Singles for under $10 each while digging in a record shop. Definitely plan to get more as I find them in person.

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I want 'Somethin' Like Dis'. Did they release it as a 12" single, by any chance?

I may be incorrect, but I think that Only I'm looking for the one to be with me and Boom Shake the room were singles. I don't think Somethin; like dis was a single. You can get the boom shake the room on CD with a couple of remixes and a b-side on amazon.

On the topic of Vinyl, I have a few records. I have:

Switch - Single

Party Starter - Single

Will 2K - Single

The Things That U Do - Single

GANBT - 45

Nightmare - 45

I'm looking for the one to be with me - single

B2R - full album

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When it comes to Code Red singles, they only released "Boom! Shake The Room,""I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me)," and "I Wanna Rock." Overseas they released singles for "Twinkle Twinkle (I'm Not A Star)" and "Can't Wait To Be With You."

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