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In the beginning

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From Ready Rock C's website:

The Fresh Prince and I met at a house party in the neighborhood we grew up in. Will was the emcee of the party. Some neighborhood friends asked me (Ready) to get on the Mic and BeatBox. After I displayed my gift to the crowd, Will introduced himself to me and asked me to join the rap group he was a part of. At the time Will's group was called " The Hypnotic 3". After accepting Wills offer, I figured since I was not affiliated with a why not join. I thought Will was talented as well. Later I met other members of the group. The other members were Eric Harvey (DJ GROOVE), Marc Forrest (LORD SUPREME), and Jamie (JAMIE FRESH). The group agreed that I was a great addition to the group. But little did they know I have more hidden talents. We performed at house parties, junior proms, senior proms, and dance halls. After while, Jamie Fresh was dropped from the group. This was unexplained to me as to why and I never questioned. Nevertheless I continued to perform with the remaining members . Will And I became the best of friends as a result of me joining the group and performing side by side. As I think back, Will and I had a bond so tight that we would do alot together. We hung out at bowling alleys, arcades, and movie theaters. We used to put our money together to have in order to have lots of fun. We sometimes created songs at Wills house till late evenings and we would fall asleep. We watched movies, ordered pizza, and practiced performance routines. Later on Marc and Will Began to have differences and before I knew, Marc was also cut from the group and Will was the last rapper left. Will later reveald that he wanted to establish himself as a solo rapper and felt the need to cut the others from the group. Will became possessive and did not want anyone else to rap on the mic. The group now consisted of 3 people, DJ Groove, The Fresh Prince and Ready Rock C. Although I am known for my beatboxing, Im also a proffessional drummer, I danced, composed music, and had many songs and ideas that I contributed to the group. Also some collaborations of Dj Groove followed us even though the group was renamed "DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince". I did'nt think it was a good idea to use Dj Grooves ideas since he was no longer a part of the group unless he was to be compensated. Nevertheless the new name came about once Will Smith met Jeffrey Townes (DJ Jazzy Jeff). Will preferred Jeff as the DJ over DJ Groove since Jeff was better known through out Philadelphia. I thought it was unfair to cut DJ Groove. Will, Groove and I had wrote and composed an arsenal of record material prior to meeting Jeff. It was quite a transition becoming aquainted with Jeff and his entourage. After getting to know Jeff I thought that he was cool to work with. We shared the same interest mentioned in the "Hypnotic 3" days. Jeff, Will, Jeff and I later landed a recording deal with "Word Up Records". A friend of Jazzy Jeff's became the groups manager. The first album recorded was "Rock The House". It was named after my beatbox Hit "Rock the House". The single released from this album was "Girl's Aint Nothing But Trouble". The song "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" among other songs were written by Will, produced and written by DJ Groove, and produced and written by Ready Rock C prior to us hooking up with Jazzy Jeff. Things seemed to speed along at this point. We then started to tour off the first album.

Found this interesting

Wonder what happend to the other dudes and also that hype man Jazzy was mad at that led to Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince forming

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Here's the full story for those who want to read it:

We then started to tour off the first album. We met many cities,states and countries for tours and perfomances in front of thousands of people. While traveling on the road, we wasted no time and began to work on our second album. Being on the road was a great experince. It was now time to record the second album and it was Titled, "He's the DJ I'm the Rapper". What happen to "Hes the Beat Box" or "Featureing Ready Rock C"? I shared part in the idea, "Parents Just Don't Understand"! This was another hit single released off the album that I co wrote and produced. We continued to tour and climbed up the music charts in sales. At this point, things began to change. Suddenly Will and I began to drift apart. There was a huge transformation in Wills ego. It seemed as though the more success the group gained, the more his ego grew. Mean while, Jazzy and I remained pretty level. I made many friends and Acquaintances while touring which caused me and Will's friendship to futher distance. One of the friends I gained on tour was Jam Master Jay ( Jason Mizell) of the group Run DMC. Jam Master Jay became like a mentor to me and I spent alot of time on Run DMC's tour bus just to clear my head. At the point of our second album release, "Rush management" was part of the deal. Russel Simmons thought it would be a great idea for me to Beat box a remix version of "Treat Her Like A Prostitute". This song was written and performed by Slick Rick. Hank Shocklee was the studio engineer of this project. I was excited about this remix and thought to ask Will for his opinion on it. Wills response was, "You don't think Slick Rick Raps better than me do you Ready?" I replied "No". Mean while we continued on the "Runs House Tour" and we continued to blow up the spot. As time passed, the tour was slowing down a bit and we took a break. We finally went home for about a week or so to rest. I was happy to see home town friends and family. During our rest time, Will and I met together alone. It was at this time Will said to me I would no longer be needed in the Group. I asked Will why and his reply was that Beat Boxing is played out. I thought to myself how lame. After all, I did much more than beat box. As metioned earlier, I produced songs and co wrote one of our major hits which was titled"Parents Just Dont Understand". If I never contributed that great idea maybe Will Smith might have not gained all of the other success in his carreer and all of the finer things in life! After witnessing everyone from the Hypnotic 3 days being cut from the group I never imagined that I would also be caught in Will Smith's line of fire !


I also found this on the site:

All celebrities love fan mail, but... did ya know that out of thousands and thousands of fan mail letters, Ready Rock C only received one and that was by accident. Ready says that Will did not want him to know that he had fans too.


Plus, there are also some cool pictures here!


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