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Francis Lawrence eyes Will Smith pic


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'The City That Sailed' being produced by Smith's Overbrook

Francis Lawrence may be reuniting with his "I Am Legend" star Will Smith for a fantastical drama titled "The City That Sailed" at Twentieth Century Fox.

The director is developing the project, which is being produced by Smith's Overbrook banner, with an eye to direct.

Written by Andrew Niccol, the story follows a New York City street magician whose daughter, because of family circumstances, lives in England. In exploring a lighthouse one day, the girl discovers a room with magic candles and wishes to be reunited with her father, causing the island of Manhattan to break away and drift across the Pond.

The studio picked up the spec in 2006.

No deals are made for either Lawrence or Smith. Lawrence is simultaneously developing "Water for Elephants" at Fox 2000 as well as "The World Without Us," also at Fox. It is unknown which project will go first. Smith has also yet to choose his next project to follow his drama "Seven Pounds."

Lawrence is repped by CAA and 3 Arts Entertainment.


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I was able to get access to the script for 'City that Sailed" If anybody wants it give me your email. It's a silly script filled with cliches and cheesey moments, but it also has great action and would have real "wow" moments with incredible visuls, if the fx guys pull it off. In this version, the main character is big shot in New York's homland security. He is separate from his wife and young daughter who live in Spain, and his wife is about to marry a big soccer superstar named Javier. His daughter makes a wish on a magic snowglobe that her father and mother would be reunited, and then the island of Manhattan breaks off and sails away toward Spain!

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The movie got the right director (Shawn Levy from the Night At A Museum franchise)

And got the right writer (Audrey Wells from Under The Tuscan Sun), so I think nothing could go wrong...

No offence, but the movies you mentioned are "wrong" for me.. :lol:

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I doubt Willow will be in this, she quit Annie because she doesnt want to do movies right now. Its not something that i want but its not gonna be the end of his career, its something for the kids, this kinda stuff gets load of ticket sales. Just coz we dont like it, doesnt mean no-one else will.

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