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What DVD, books,... do you have ?


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Hello !

This is a little thread to know what people on this forum have about Will Smith ?

Books, DVDs, albums,...


Big Willie Style (CD)

Born To Reign (CD)

Lost & Found (CD)

WIllenium (CD)


Men In Black (VHS)

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Season 1 (DVD)

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Season 3 (DVD)

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Season 4 (DVD)

Independance Day + I, Robot (pack of 2) (DVD)

Ali (DVD)

Bad Boys (DVD)

Bad Boys II (DVD)

Hancock (DVD)

Hitch (DVD)

I Am Legend (DVD)

Men In Black (DVD)

Men In Black II (DVD)

Seven Pounds (DVD)

Six Degrees Of Separation (DVD)

The Pursuit Of Happyness (DVD)

Wild Wild West (DVD)

Will Smith Video Collection (DVD)

Will Smith Live in Concert (DVD)

A&E Biography (DVD)


Will Smith (Just The Facts Biographies, Matt Doesden)

Will Smith (Hip-Hop, Jim Corrigan)


I just bought Ali (2 discs edition) for less than 7€ on eBay, so I will have it soon.

09 july : Wild Wild West added !

23 july : Willenium, Born To Reign, my two firsts albums ! And Hitch + Men In Black

29 september : just bought Hancock and Six Degrees of Separation :clap: I Am Legend is coming ! and I Am Legeng (2 DVDs version !)

23 october : my first two books !!! For less than 12€ !!

No books and no albums :hissyfit: but I'll have one day !

I look everyday on a few websites to see if there are some albums, movies or books at a lower price ! And sometimes, I buy !

And you ??

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DVD's I've got

Men In Black (vhs)

Ali (vhs)

JJFP Greatest Hits Videos (vhs)

FPOBA Seasons 1 - 4 (DVD)

Hitch (DVD)

The Pursuit Of Happiness (DVD)

Enemy Of The State (dvd)

Shark Tale (DVD)

Wild Wild West (DVD)

I Am Legend (DVD)

I'Robot (DVD)

Bad Boy's 2 (DVD)

Men In Black 2 (DVD)

Will Smith Live In Concert (DVD)

I still need to get that WS video collction but i can't find it and ID4.

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BAd Boys

Bad BOys II



Enemy of the State


I, Robot

Shark Tale


The pursuit of Happyness

I am Legend


All DVD's except ALI and Enemy of the State, are special 2 discs editions.


Will Smith Video Collection

ID4 ( special edition with altenative ending)


Dj Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince greatests hits and all Will Smith's albums.

And I have a 1999 Will Smith calendar! lol

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I added a few things, notably my two firts albums, WIllenium and Born To Reign !

And I ordered Lost & Found and Big Willie Style !

Plus Hitch & MIB

PS : I only buy some albums on "occasion", but brand new (for example, on ebay or priceminister, people put some ads to their products, so it's occasion, but the product is brand new). And I want the lowest price.

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Rock the House

He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper

And in this Corner


Code Red


Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Season 1

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Season 2

Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Season 3

Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Season 4

Bad Boys

Independence Day

Men in Black

Men in Black II

Bad Boys II


Pursuit of Happyness

I Am Legend


Seven Pounds

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I got all the albums bar the first two, just waiting for the right price on ebay

Same thing for me !

Waiting foir the right prices on website like eBay !

But I just want to buy brand new product ! Not occasion !

And you can find really really great things !

For example, brand new I Am Legend DVDs (collector edition) for just 12,29€!! ($18)

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Big Wille Style (thats why i called my site Big-Will-Smith.com)

Lost and Found

WWW Soundtrack

Born to Reign


I am Legend 2 DVD Special Editon in Paperbox

Men in Black 1+2 3 DVD Silver Special Edition in Paperbox with filmcell

FPOBA Season 1 to 4 and still waiting for 5 and 6.

Bad Boys 1

Bad Boys 2

Pursuit of Happyness

Seven Pounds

Hancock 2 DVD Special Editon in Paperbox with Digi. Copy

I, Robot 2 DVD Steelbook Special Edition

Independence Day 2 DVD 3th Century Special Edition in Paper Box



Gueslist of the germen Premiere from IAL

IAL Pressbook


I, Robot Leather Chucks

Bad Boys tripple Canvas picture

Still wants more Pressbooks, lobby card Sets and complete DVD/CDs... up next comes a Blu Ray Player... with WS Movies in Front ;) (now the BD are on a DVD price level so thats ok)

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