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French clothes: popular in 80's & 90's ?

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Hello !

I wonder something since a few days or weeks, and more I watch DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince old videos, and more I wonder it.

In a lot of JJFP's in the end of the 80's, Jeff and Will wear french clothes.

For example :

Le Coq Sportif in Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble music video


Mégève Slalom Géant in Parents Just Don't Understand music video


Equipe équestre in 1988 Showcase


Is that because those french clothes reprent something ? Are is that just a kind of coincidence, and he wear all those french clothes like he could wear Nike, Adidas, or any others brands and others clothes? (it's strange, because for example, Le Coq Sportif is really not famous in France).

And it is just before 90's. After, and today, there no more french brands.


PS : its like french words used in english: in GANBT, there is the club "Le Rapp"?! (why two "p"?? Strange!)

I tought french things / words were just... in France ! We use english words, but I tought french was just in France, because we are not a big country, with nice brands and a language spoken allover the world!

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The brands Jazzy and Will were wearing were the pop look then. I'd say LaCoste has some of that market now in the states, although we're really good at creating clothing and brands that steal thunder from international brands haha.

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