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Industry Insider Reveals "Secret Wars" Between LL Cool J and Jay-Z


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LL klnows how to make "real" tracks tho, Skillz cant touch him with that.

Yeah LL's a more versatile song maker than Skillz is, Skillz is more of a punchline mc, they're both great at what they do, it's like comparing apples to oranges, now as far as Jay-Z and LL go I don't really think that there's gonna be any major beef between them... btw a lot of rappers throw subliminals at each other like when I listen to some KRS ONE songs I notice once in a while he throws some subliminal lines at LL just like on "South Bronx 2002" he said "You need to rethink who you think is the Greatest Of All Time" (we all know that LL named his 2000 album "G.O.A.T."), LL said back on Murdergram" about KRS: "On the microphone I want silence/ not KRS ONE's "Stop The Violence/Ain't no violence, ain't no competition punk/I'll beat ya into submission", and even when you listen to Will's "Born To Reign" song it seems like he's mockin' Eminem's flow and he talks about how he lives righteous while other rappers are poisioning the game.....

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:yeahthat: A lot of the best music comes from mcs going at each other on songs

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Yeah Canibis really brought LL's hunger to a real high level, I found on Youtube that LL's "The Truth" song on KaySlay's 2004 album was originally a freestyle on a 2002 KaySlay mixtape done over Jay-Z' "Dead Presidents" beat, this is real sick!:


There's another freestyle LL did in 2001 on a Funkmaster Flex mixtape that's real hot too, he's rapping over Fat Joe and Beanie Siegal tracks that were out at that time:


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