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Eminem new album leaked


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New Eminem album "Relapse" already leaked and it's available to download. I was listening to album and I think it's very good. Anyone heard album too. If yes, what do you think about it?

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ii checked it out..its wack... lol.. simple as that

I am so indifferent to his release. I usually give a CD from that big a name a chance. Maybe in time....

To think a guy who did Renegade would leave me just bored is really surprising.

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I'm hoping Eminem disses Will again so Will could come back and finish him off for good, I'm tired of people being hyped over lame mcs

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Ha ha...i agree wit u Ted. Anything 2 get FP back on the mic in a mainstream way. I'll listen 2 the new Eminem album when it comes out. I highly doubt i'll wanna buy it tho.' It would take alot of backtracking for him 2 actually be dope again...much less taken seriously. I'm definintely interested in peeping this "Beautiful" track that everyone talking about.

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Yeah Eminem showed promise earlier in his career over the first couple years but really he started doing a lot of corny crap ever since he released "The Real Slim Shady", once in a while he'll do a hot track like "Lose Yourself" but then he'll do a whole bunch other wack stuff that makes you shake your head and wonder why he's wasting his potential, I might listen to a couple of these songs on the internet but I don't think I'll waste money on getting his album, he just isn't worth it

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here's my thoughts on it.

*edited and cut/paste from another board I'm on.*


Eminem's a fairly frustrating person to follow. He has talent and skills on the mic but he wastes it so much. When I first started listening to Eminem he was pretty cool. I liked most of the material on his first two albums, and then after that the ratio of like to dislike became more disproportionate.

It went from liking 60-70% on Slim Shady LP and Marshall Mathers LP to 50% and 40% and on downward on his more recent attempts.

I've always liked his more serious work. The tracks like "The Way I Am" and "Mockingbird" and "When I'm Gone" and "Stan". Things like that that are intelligent excursions into his demons that he fights on a daily basis. Those are real songs that deal with REAL ****.

And then there's the rest of it. Back in the day he could entertain by saying the most off the wall batsh*t crazy stuff. And it was shocking and we would laugh at it and be like "that dude's crazy for that sh*t".

Even when he would go off the deep end of what is acceptable in human society, such as "Kim" we'd just shrug it off as "Marshall being Marshall".

Now thought it just doesn't work like that anymore. I think we've come to know him too well, and the luster has worn off. He can't just shock us anymore because let's be honest...what have we NOT heard from Eminem at this point?

And listening to Relapse just hammers home why I can't stand Eminem anymore. While there's a couple tracks that stand out (more from production than anything else) the vast majority of Relapse is just bull****. If it's not the fact that he's rehashing the same bull**** that he's done in the past on his other albums (much better on his previous albums actually) he's doing them in this obnoxious voice/accent that just kills any momentum that he could have.

Raise your hand if you were looking forward to listening to this based on hearing him talk about his mother again. Being raped by a stepfather? How about talking sh*t about Mariah Carey (STILL?!?!?!)?

Yeah, me neither. In fact, the best part of this album for me, which lately has been the only aspect of his releases I've liked, is the skit "Paul" where his manager is freaking out on a voice mail over how f***ed up his album is.

I admit I laughed when Paul was like "Christopher Reeve? Are you kidding me? You know he's dead right?".

I just can't stand to listen to the same bullsh*t about drugs and his drugged up mother and being raped over and over again. There were a few tracks that I dug though. 3A.M. was alright. The intro "Dr. West" was interesting and had my anticipation of a good album up, but was let down fairly quickly once 3A.M. ended.

It appears that Eminem has lost the ability to shock anyone anymore. You can only do that for so long before you just run out of shocking things to say.

I've read rumors that there's a Relapse 2 coming out in the fourth quarter of '09, and that one is miles better than Relapse. I can only hope that's true, because this one is just not even worth getting into.


Let me also be clear. I'm not an Eminem Hater and I'm not an Eminem "Stan".

As I said in the beginning I liked more of his stuff than I didn't like. Some of his older tracks I STILL love. Turn me Loose with Limp Bizkit is a track I really like. The majority of the stuff I liked was the more serious aspect of songs dealing with his struggles with his addictions and trying to cope with suddenly having fans, and his problems with his daughter/wife. But not when it goes overboard into this "I'll cut your f***ing throat, b*tch" type of music.

I've never been attracted to the more outrageous stuff he does just for attention, like this ridiculous song on the Relapse about him talking about his stepfather raping him. If this was based on reality, that'd be a different thing, but it's probably not seeing as how we've never heard that before.

And the way he does it is just totally played for a "oh sh*t did he just say that" type of reaction.

I wanted to like this, especially after the intro which I thought was brilliant. But unfortunately aside from that, the highlight was the Paul skit which always has me laughing when I hear it on his albums.

some of the production was nice, and he was fairly good on several tracks. Unfortunately in 2009 with him being five albums deep (counting a greatest hits package), you have to expect more than fairly good.

And I'm not going to just give him a pass and say "oh this sh*t is still alright" because after five albums there has to be some growth there. And there's very LITTLE growth on here.

I knew there'd be a song about him ****ting on his mom, and sure enough, there was. Surprised there wasn't a track called "That B*tch, Kim!" on it.

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