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Will Smith's Top 10 songs, by DCNelson

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That article is brilliantly written, nice to see somebody show love to Will's rap career like that

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Great artical Ale Thanks :thumbsup:

Pretty decent list nice to see ''Time To Chill'' in there JJFP have a lot of tracks u can just chill out to from ''Time To Chill, ''Just Kickin' It'' ''Summertime'' I''m Looking for the One'' ect..

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Interesting to see so many jjfp songs, you wouldnt see many lists like that, hes obviously looked into this a lot. I like seeing "time to chill" at number 2, thats a great song that isnt mentioned much.

Think the same thing.

I really like this song and I'm happy to see it in second position !

Nice top 10, but it is very subjective : it is hard to tell "these are the 10 best songs, and that's all".

Everybody got his own top 10.

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Nice find, good article, this guy has clearly done his HW, it wasn't just his hits.

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