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message from a true JJ+FP hyped fan

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Ever since I noticed Jeff was on facebook, I've always wanted to show some love and write a real "fan letter" to him with hopes of him reading it or even replying. I'm pretty sure he definitely read it but I didn't get a reply, which is okay, I expected it. Just him reading it is fine enough with me..


Subject: message from a true JJ+FP hyped fan

Yo Jeff,

First of all, nice to see you on facebook. Thats pretty dope to know your basically a click away from fans and friends. You probably get a lot of fan mail or people bothering you but I just wanted to send you a message from a fan. I'm Jim, from the Jersey Shore and I'm a regular member of the forums at www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com (username is: DevilsJim89)(and I'm down with Tim Price over there, aka Hero1). I just wanted to show some love and appreciation. I'm almost 21, but I've been a fan of DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince since about '98 or so. My favorite album is the very underrated "Code Red" and followed by "Homebase". I love your music dude, straight up.

I was just blasting "Summertime" in my car today and I was thinking - damn, will there ever be a new JJ+FP album? I know people probably ask you alot about Will, but basically all I wanna know is will there ever be a 6th album? Are you guys working on any music at all? I really hate how Will is all about movies, he has such a talent for the mic and he could really spit the truth. I was hyped when I heard about you guys goin a tour last summer but then was disappointed when after the Hancock performance (which was dope! Brand New Funk + Summertime live) it pretty much ended. At least your keepin it real with the music. The rap world is ready for a Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince reunion (even tho you guys never broke up haha just the name change)..just by people on YouTube and Rap Forums online, much love.

I loved TROTM, "My Soul is Not 4 Sale" was amazing. Fess killed it on the Jeff + Fess and I also loved Holdin it Down ..Meth doin his thing. Speakin of Fess, are you guys gonna drop a CD together? I LOVE that track "Bring it Back" and "Force of Nature" that you did in your basement and I also wanna hear the "Pretty girls are the Lonelist" track that was pretty funny. I enjoyed your latest mixtape especially the Nas "It Aint Hard to Tell" remix. You should do a mixtape of you and Will's material!

Sorry if this is long and drawn out, but basically I'm a diehard fan, I have every album (from Rock the House to Code Red, to the TROTM), every song (from Girls Aint Nothin But Trouble to rare songs like Get Hyped, Lovely Daze and From Da South), many mixtapes, remixes and performances (like the 1987 UK Capitol Rap Session w Tim Westwood to your performance last summer with Will)..the chemistry is superior to anybody whos ever been in the game. I was there in Philly back on July 2nd, 2005 when you guys performed at Live8 and killed "Summertime" ...what a great feeling being in Philly seeing you guys doing it live. I'm yearning for something new and see you guys live again this time maybe at like the House of Blues in Atlantic City or something, I'd love to meet you man, Tim has, Da Brakes has along with Kev from the site, it'd be dope. I can't wait for my turn.

Alright enough of my rambling, just showing some love brother, keep rockin the house, you always got my ear.

Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince Forever! - hope Mr. Hollywood knows that hahahaha

all the best man ..

Jim from Jersey..


I hope one day he shows Will this and we can get more JJ+FP

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That's a great message Jim, it really expresses how all of us true JJFP fans feel about wanting another album from them and how much of an impact they made on us

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hey jim, that was a nice letter man! you really break it down for us right there! its just too bad that Will's not reading here. and to be honest, you know what Will said not a long time ago. you gotta put music aside and give it an end, if you're really interested in establishing yourself as an professional actor, and thats what Will's basically doing.

What is so wrong about making a last JJFP album? L+F wasn't that bad, but really, most of the beats were pretty poor in my opinion and thats because Jazzy was missing at the production almost the whole album. i just dont understand why it is so important for Will, that everybody likes his music? hiphop heads and diehard fans are going to love it. Get that damn Fresh Prince chain back and let it shine again! it is nothing more than a waste of talent and potential. he once said that he wants to make the world a better place and i just think that music would be the better way to reach people and not by doing some hyperemotional movies about suicide or chasing oscar nominations. its just wrong.

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Hey Jim I just checked Jazzy Jeff's wall on Facebook and I didn't see that message there, did you make it recently? I'm on facebook too btw man, just search for Gracia Miller Jr. and add me as your friend on there, I got Tim as a friend over there

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