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WILL SMITH, SAMUEL L IN ABC 'MONEY' SPECIAL: Actors to discuss credit cards, mortgages and more in 'Unbroke'


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*Will Smith and Samuel L. Jackson will join “Good Morning America” financial contributor Mellody Hobson and others to discuss money tips amidst the world's current economic crisis in a new ABC special.

“Unbroke: Everything You Need to Know About Money,” to premiere May 29, will feature the actors joining fellow celebs Seth Green, the Jonas Brothers and the E*Trade babies to talk about credit cards, mortgages, the stock market indexes, investing, 401(k) plans and more.

As previously reported, Smith's TV work in 2009 also includes "Unfinished Business," a new crime drama for the Sci-Fi Channel produced by the actor's production company Overbrook Entertainment.

The show follows an ex-cop who starts seeing flashes of memories from the recently deceased. The visions compel him to help wronged souls resolve their unfinished business.'

Jackson's recent TV resume includes voicing the lead character of Spike TV's "Afro Samurai."


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I was thinking the same thing Julie, love Will, but who wants to hear 'Mr. 20 mil + % of the gross' talk about money(in any capacity) in times like these?

I know Will knows what it's like to lose all your money, but it's easy to give somebody tips about it when your far from struggling. Don't get me started on those Jonas brothers.

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Let's not forget that FP did get in serious money trouble with the IRS. I don't see him as such a bad person 2 hear from. Celebs being involved in this kinda thing does seem a lil' off.

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woohoo, finally, ive not seen anything with Will in it for ages.

I thought it was funny in parts and i was agreeing with what Will was saying about it not making any sence when people try and explain stuff to you. Then that woman came on and was like blah blah blah. i didnt learn anything from it,you should only have one credit card, well duh!

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