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I know there are quite a few MLB and NFL fans out there. I'm just reaching out to the group, seeing how you all feel, especially the other Philly natives. For those of you who don't know, Harry Kalas was one of the top (I'd say easily the number 1) baseball announcers in history. He was the Myron Cope, the Harry Caray of Philadelphia, but a bit more with all the national notoriety he also held as the voice of NFL films.

I spent every summer of mine with Harry's voice tuned while playing outside or chilling inside. I let him take me on the amazing ride that was this past postseason. I didn't get to hear his final pitch live, as I was at the game, but I got to be there live, as he sung "High Hopes" with the crowd after we won the World Series.

Harry Kalas died yesterday in the announcing booth an hour or so before the game in DC started between the Nationals and the Phils.

I, and many of my family and friends, feel so lost without the deep, edged voice to guide us through our summers...

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RIP Harry Kalas, sports broadcasting will never be the same

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