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Will Smith is obsessed with Lady Gaga


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Okay, i did pick up the album. I was with a friend who was scanning the radio for a Lady Gaga song and i was feeling spontanious. I must say, she does have the ability 2 sing...but on a handful of songs, she chooses not 2 actually show us that. Also, most of the production is unimaginative but sometimes catchy. The lyrics...ugh. They lyrics are awful. They sound like they are written by a 16 year old girl who has no class. It's mearly candy for the ear with nothing for the mind.

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I can get down with a song that doesn't have much weight 2 it...but some of her lyrics are so tasteless that it bugs me. I miss the dance music of the 90's....C+C Music Facotry, Ace of Base, Robin S., Aqua, Haddaway, Ce Ce Peniston, Real McCoy, Amber, and the list goes on.

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A file form the net is never as good as a cd tho.. or even better wax. i'm against didgital music really, i hope the cd will not die.

Does Gaga sound better on the CD/wax?

Well I dont like dance, but the pure quality of the sound you will be hearing (which you will realy realise if you play it loud in a large room) is much better if you have a cd

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Digital music is cool but CDs should never die, I'm really still pissed that cassettes are gone, I still love banging them on my CD/cassette boombox, there's enough room in the world for it all to exist... but anyway I don't see what Will would see in Lady Gaga that's so fascinating, her music is dime a dozen, nothing's unique about her at all, ain't nothing wrong with dance music either, but there's much better dance music than that, especially that was out around the time that JJFP was at the peak of hip hop in the early 90s, those artists that AJ mentioned stood out

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