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"I was mouthing the other actor's lines !"

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"You can look at the first six episodes of The Fresh Prince and I was so just hell bent on not failing that I memorized the entire script. And you can see in certain shots they tried to cut around it as much as they can, but I am mouthing the other actor's lines. [...] It took six episodes for someone to tell me to stop doin' it."

I made a clip with some of these shots :

Will Mouthing the others actor's lines

It is hilarious to see him miming all the dialogs !

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I thought this was common knowledge! Its pretty funny that he learn't the WHOLE script!

I knew he had done this sometimes, but I didn't know there were so many scenes where he does it. I never looked at Will while the other characters were talking, lol.

Why didn't they tell him to stop doing it before? Didn't they notice it either or what?

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