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Rhianna & Chris Brown Back Together

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Brown Taking Anger Management Classes


“Chris doesn't actually have to go by law… but he believes it will make him look better to the public.”

Wrong. Thing. To. Say. Just trying to save his career IMO.

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Either it wasn't that serious as the media said or Rhianna's dumb

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I heard chris was texting someone and Rhianna looked over to see who it was and started asking questions and Chris got angry and started yelling and hitting..

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Rihanna & Brown Split?: Taking Time Apart

RIHANNA and CHRIS BROWN are taking time-out from their turbulent relationship, according to friends.

Pop star Rihanna was allegedly assaulted by Brown during a violent bust-up last month, but the couple rekindled their romance shortly after.

However, the on/off pair are currently on opposite sides of the US, with a pal telling E! they are “taking a break”.

While Rihanna is busy partying with such A-list buddies as JAY-Z and BEYONCE KNOWLES in New York, Brown is keeping a low profile in Hollywood.

A source said: “He’s just putting ideas down for some songs he wrote.

“He needs to feel like he’s moving forward.”

Brown has been charged with assault and making criminal threats.


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Oh my gosh, I just don't understand that relationship at all. It's just so bothersome, and I just hope that she thinks about it a little longer.

You cannot change a person, even though we all think we can. That personality is always there, and I doubt very much that he can correct his ways. And he'll be going to jail anyways.

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