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Missy Elliots Light Bulb Jewelry (see pic)


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[font="Arial"][color=blue]Nothing against Missy and all, but dang...that is one UGLY creation. lmbo. Looks more like sumbody was smokin sumpthin, and came up with a 'golden' lightbulb, representing a bright idea. So im guessin...

lmao...i cant stop laffin at this one...

maybe shes gonna sit on a talking toilet and hold it above her head to come up with more golden ideas, lmbo... cuz it aint nothin but a light bulb with some gold n silver glitter on it!. :kekeke: ok tyme 4 me to stop posting, cuz im gettin silly...but i wander how many thousands of dollars this would cost ppl 'crazy' enough to buy it?

dang, at least start a clothing line like everybody else,...

3cookies [/color][/font]
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