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Girls, Parents and a Nightmare


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In what order where Girls Aint Nothen But Trouble, Nightmare on My Street, and Parents Just Don't Understand created? I know I got Rock The House after He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper. (I think it was 88) But I thought that Rock The House was released first.

On the Girls Aint Nothen But Trouble track on the CD version (tape version as well, if I remember right) of Rock The House, there's a line at the end, during the talking, where Jeff say's "Oh man, first your parents just don't understand, then you have this crazy nightmare, what's next?" Which would imply that Nightmare and Parents came first. However, on the last track of RTH, Don't Even Try it, where they're rapping about the record producer, the record producer turns down Girls Aint Nothen But Trouble. It implies that Girls/Trouble was the first song.

So how did it all get created and come out?
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That's a good question..i don't know how or when they are created, but i know that Girls got released first (it was on Rock The House) and then Partents and Nightmare (their on He's The Dj,...)! But what you are saying is true, jazzy does say that at the end! Never really thought about it! Maybe AJ or Tim can clear this up! Edited by fan 4ever
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Well isn't the version you a refering to the 1988 Extended Mix? Cos the original Rock The House had the original on but then got released with the 1988 version on, which was probably recorded after the He's The DJ tracks or at the same time.
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[quote=Prince,Sep 6 2004, 01:09 PM]Confusing... Just like the whole "I got some hot records, I got The Rain, I got Uuuuh, what should I put on now?", AFTER Uuuh had already played.[/quote]
hmm....never noticed that before..interesting..

No i think the whole story is this. JJFP's first real song was "Girls Aint Nothin but Trouble" which they made in 1986 and it helped them get signed to Champion Records and it first got airplay, spring 1986. They also released "Rock the House" later in 1986 on Champion in which helped got signed by Jive Records. Girls Aint Nothin Bout Trouble got remade in 88 because of the lyrics were a little violent. something like "but i punched her in her chin and hit her with a trash can"....lol playful storytelling lyrics but were alittle violent. Then He's the DJ was released in '88 and Parents Just Don't Understand and Nightmare was on it. So I'm takin the 88 remake of Girls was released after the album and singles dropped.
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Most of u have already said all this...but here it is just 2 set it straight.

The "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" single waz released summer 1986.

"Rock The House" came out in 1987 with the follow up singles "The Magnificent" and "A Touch of Jazz." "Just One of Those Days" and "Guys Ain't Nothing But Trouble" were also released as promotional singles.

Jive picked up on JJ+FP, slightly re-worked the album, made the cover crappier and re-released "Rock The House" in 1988. "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper" waz also released that year.

When it comes 2 that line at the end of "Girls..." it was either a general statement or they referred 2 it cuz the song waz already written or recorded.
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