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Alfonso Ribeiro talking about the first Aunt Viv


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Lol, Alphonso is hilarious...

This is a little bit of vindication for Will because, up to now, we've really only heard Janet's take on things with very little from Will, and practically nothing from the rest of the cast.

I think that, at this point, Janet would do well to keep quiet... the way Alphonso tells it, the rest of the cast would likely band together against her if she really got vocal... James Avery included...

Janet doesn't want it with Will and Alphonso.... noooooooo.....

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"One crazy bitch"

Haha, Alfonso's still got it.

It's good to hear that not only Will was having problems with her. I think Janet really exagerrates her story. She just was never able to get over that she had been replaced. To be frank, Daphne did as good a job as her, she was great, and she was loved by the cast.

Glad Carlton n Will still hang with eachother, their families, play golf and meet up during Christmas time. Thats really awesome to hear.


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