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"i might creep some music out on youtube"

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Yeah he could just be saying it to please ppl.. The good thing is everyone asks him about music.. And when he says he has to focus on acting cause he's at his peak and he's talking about seven pounds he sounds pretty silly.. If he did release something and it got a huge response that may get him excited about the music again

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But its down to him to make the first move now. We as true fans have always made it know we want more music. He needs to put something out and let us respond.

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He then went on to say how he feels he needs to concentrate on acting again.

Oh yeah, that's exactly what he needs to concentrate on. Wow, with that statement he acts like he's been rapping for the last 4 years and now is getting back into movies. Will, get real. You've been concentrating on acting since really 1993. Give me a break. You hurt yourself concentrating...and if by concentrate, you mean better movies I assume cause 7 pounds was garbage. I know guys I'm always riding on and on about music but I think its time to pick up that mic. Even some little stuff on youtube would be nice. Actually, I'm suprised he hasnt made his own channel yet since he said in the L+F era he wants to do more with the internet.

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Man... I'm honestly not expecting anything from him. I mean, if he's focused on acting now, where he wants to be... He was supposed to go on tour last summer, did that even happen? When he was on David Letterman he was saying he was going to take a break after filming, so I guessed the tour was off.

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