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Will Smith-Freakin it, WWW live


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Grammy Awards 2000 ...Freakin' It and Wild Wild West medley

Its an alright performance. I love Jeff's interaction with FP but the dancers they could've gone without but hey, Sony wanted another "Gettin Jiggy Wit It" and that's "Freakin It". However, the lyrics in Freakin It are dope, I love how he performed it live and told the world how he felt

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I haven't watched this in awhile. I have this on tape somewhere. As i remember, he opened the Grammys with that. The whole intro and wardrob is so 2000...ha ha. Jim pointed out the dancers...ha ha...i don't see them as unecessary but their "Freakin' It" bit was a bit rough....they got on point for "WWW." Sisqo popping out of that box and jumping that far down always cracked me up. He was a real performer...i wish he was still out there doing his thing. The Kool Moe Dee lyrics are what i love the most. The way he flipped it like that was just dope. Wes hooked me up with some good audio of this performance years ago.

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This is hot! :signthankspin: It's hard to believe that "Willenium" is a decade ago already

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