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Will Smith: 'My Son Stopped me From Reviving Music Career'


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i used to like that kid. :shakehead:

If he listens to Jaden then maybe he will listen to us when we go to a premier and give Will a slap.

lol at that.

I wouldn't blame the kid, remember Will said the same thing about his nephew, just one of many excuses instead of him just saying he's done because he doesn't want to do it anymore. I stopped caring a long time ago to be honest.

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i also wanna ditto Ty's post. i feel a little disconnected from him. Its like i used to listen to him when he talked about achieving your dream and it made so much sence, but now when he talks about deep stuff like that, i just dont feel it. i wanna see the fresh prince in him again. He needs to stop being so serious and lighten up.

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Yeah I agree with you guys.. Will needs to have a little fun and there's no better place to do it then in his music.. The fact that he was about to return to the mic and then didn't makes this all a little heartbreaking

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:sleep2: :sleep2: :sleep2:

Anyone else bored with these "no new album" hate threads? No? Just Me?

You seem to be confusing a hate thread with your mama!!!

No seriously if you don't think people around here are heavily invested in his music you haven't been here long.. If u want some fans with a mild interest in his movies and no interest in his music try imdb...

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Your mamas a comedian.. The site ain't called JAZZYJEFFFRESHPRINCE.COM for nuthin...

My mamas a comedian? Now thats a cuss :respect:

Just a few more mama jokes and i'm sure Will will release a new album.

Lets lighten up here, whatever you read, whatever the reason, it's 50/50, he'll either make an album or he wont. Trying to cuss my mama probably wont change those odds very much.

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