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K.Smith ft. Yung Berg - Feelin On You


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The song is a bit better than what u hear on the radio...and that's not a compilment. When u aspire 2 work with people like Yung Berg, it shows just have far u are stretching yourself.

p.s. When u don't have muscles, don't take your shirt off

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Well, the production isn't bad. Most of the beats on the radio these days are just awful. That's the only thing that has this song one step above the majority of what i hear on the radio. I wasn't complimenting this song...ha ha.

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Yeah, the beats of the 90's...especially the mid-90's had this heavy, layered, solid, classic, timeless sound. The early 90's were hit and miss. Good beats, just some sound dated while others don't. The late 90's were hit or miss becuz the decline in quality...but the mid 90's....even wack artists had good beats back then...ha ha. I just don't understand how we could go from the kinda beats Tribe, De La, Brand Nubian, Heavy D, Queen Latifah, Naughty had 2 the crap u hear Lil' Jon, Lil' Wayne, and T.I. are rapping over.

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