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Seven pounds box office predictions


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There are two movies opening that will work against him and possibly keep his numbers lower than expected:

1.) Yes Man: Jim Carrey has come back to the proven formula of Liar, Liar and it seems long enough since that movie and refreshing considering his pursuits away from his 'typecast' role. I think Carrey will hit big numbers this weekend and extend through the holidays.

2.) The Wrestler: This movie is being praised by critics left and right as something universally appealing. Apparently it has won awards already and Mickey Rourcke is being tapped by USA Today to get an Academy nomination. I love this idea since I'm an avid professional wrestling fan. According to critics and wrestling fans alike, this movie pleases the most scrupulous fan and also the most skeptic observer due to the drama and reality based emotion of a has-been discarded by the industry he so eagerly served.

Also, with the economic times, I have reservations against the idea that people really want to be depressed by a movie like Seven Pounds. I even question which of the three movies comes first for me. I love Jim Carrey, Will Smith, and wrestling.

...(waiting for the cheapshots on wrestling fans)...

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While I think Yes Man will cut into Seven Pounds' numbers, the Wrestler will not because it's opening in select cities on very few screens while Seven Pounds will open to over 2600 screens. Seven Pounds is not considered a wide release(over 3000 screens) and that is what ultimately will lessen his numbers.

It's a bit of a gamble. If the audiences love it(because clearly the critics won't), it could do POH numbers. I suspect given the state of the U.S. economy and the dreariness surrounding it, people will want to look for an escape & Seven Pounds won't give them that.

Opening Weekend: $23 million

Total U.S. Box Office: $105 million

Total Int'l Box Office: $125 million

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