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I saw this game on another site and thought it was cool and creative, except they played the game with another show, so let's get it! It's basically funny things or anything and everything we know about TFP. It can be about the characters, the show, places in the show, traits in characters etc. Anything. Their's NO limit on how many we can name, so post as many things in one post as you want. Be creative with it!

Here are some to start:

That Carlton is (VERY) short

Uncle Phil used to be called "Moose" as a nickname by one of his friends

Hilary loves to shop

Will is great at basketball

Their are two Moms in the family (WHAT?) lol

Geoffrey has a son, named Frederick

Will "dated" Michelle Michaels

Ashley is a one-hit wonder

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Will wants a lot of kids named like him.

Carlton didnt want to go to Princeton in the beginning of the series.

The Reagans lived near from them.

Uncle Phil is the heck of a pool player.

Nicky grew 5 years in a summer.

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hahahaha this thread is funnyyy....

Will tells Carlton hes a virgin too when Carlton almost gets married and confesses that hes a virgin. Even though he said at the poker table Ms. X gave him an unforgetable going away present before he left Philly.

Geoffry's last name is conveniently "Butler"

Jazz doesn't have a last name (atleast no one knows it)

Ashley isn't comfortable with people "looking at her body" (& becomes a model in real life)

Hilary always lands good jobs without credits (catering, TV host, News Station, etc.)

Geoffry claims he has seen both Uncle Phil & the new Aunt Viv naked.

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Carlton has thought about doing drugs. (Just Say Yo)

Geoffery is the shame of a nation.

Will once lost a basketball game on purpose.

Hilary and Trevor had 'romatic encounters' in the Pool House.

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