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Jaden Smith set for 'Karate Kid' redo


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'Karate Kid' Remake Has A New 'Twist,' Jackie Chan And Jaden Smith Say

Chan says the new movie pays tribute to the 1984 original but is 'different.'

For those "Karate Kid" fans still skeptical about this summer's remake, Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith would like to offer their assurance that the movie is something fresh worth giving a shot. MTV News caught up with the stars on the orange carpet of the Kids' Choice Awards to talk about how their redo compares to the popular 1984 original, which starred Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio in the respective lead roles.

"They should see this because it's a great movie," said Smith, the charismatic 11-year-old son of rapper-turned-actor Will Smith, who also co-produced the remake. "We have our own little twist to the movie, the fact that we're in China. But it's just a great, great movie."

What the young actor appears to be saying is, let's forget that this is a reboot of the martial-arts franchise that previously spawned three sequels, including "The Next Karate Kid," which was a sort of restart itself, and approach the movie instead as a stand-alone story about a young boy relocated to China where he learns the art of kung fu from an unlikely mentor.

Chan, who plays that mentor, thinks both time and plot changes factor into the remake's separation from its source.

"I think it's different from the first one," he said. "You will see the difference. Of course, today's technology and filming — things are always better than 30 years ago. But ['The Karate Kid'] is a traditional classic. We just pay it tribute. I think everybody will like it."

And if everybody likes it, you can bet there will be another couple sequels, at least a few of which could star a more pumped-up and physically skilled Smith.

"Before the movie, he'd been training for three months," Chan says about his co-star's preparation. "Now, he's still training every day. I just see him getting better and better, his muscles bigger and bigger. Pretty soon, three more years, he'll become a master."

WATCH VIDEO HERE -> http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/articles/1635000/story.jhtml

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Rising Son: The New Karate Kid

Jaden Smith soars in The Karate Kid.

Only 11 years old, Jaden Smith possesses genes that have positioned him for stardom. He made his film debut in the Oscar-nominated The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) as the son of the character played by his real-life father, Will Smith. His mother is the actress and singer Jada Pinkett Smith, and his nine-year-old sister, Willow, has appeared in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl and I Am Legend. This month Jaden kick-starts another reboot of The Karate Kid, the 80s franchise that made Ralph Macchio a teen heartthrob and went on to spawn a girl’s version, The Next Karate Kid (1994), featuring a then unknown Hilary Swank. Jaden is the youngest actor to take on the strenuous title role. His character, Dre Parker, relocates with his mother, played by Taraji P. Henson, from Detroit to Beijing, where most of the Sony picture was filmed. His favorite sights? “I was working the whole time,” says Jaden. “I only got to see the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.” And how was the Chinese food? “I ate burgers.” Bullies at school and a forbidden crush drive Dre to learn how to defend himself, and under the guidance of Mr. Han, a martial-arts master played by Jackie Chan, he becomes a devoted student of kung fu and triumphantly surprises everybody, including himself. “Jackie Chan is amazing,” says Jaden. “On the set, he was teaching everybody. I have been doing karate since I was five, but kung fu is way different.”


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Kickin’ it old school

Eleven-year-old martial-arts fanatic Jaden Smith, star of a remake of The Karate Kid, tries to stay grounded about his burgeoning fame and the attention he’s getting from the little ladies.

Source: http://chicago.timeout.com/articles/kids/85481/jaden-smith-talks-about-the-remake-of-the-karate-kid

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The movie is out there everywhere! its going to be a hit! But the important thing is, what other movies are coming out near the date of the Karate kid? I hope there are no 3D kids movies...

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