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Congratulations President Elect Obama


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Typhoon, the world's most powerful leader has been black before. His title was Pharaoh.

Anyway, congrats to Obama. I voted for him. I do think people have some unrealistic expectations for him though.

Lol, Pharoah didn't have to deal with a global economy or nuclear proliferaton. This is a different era.

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Usually i can't stand Nelly's music. His voice is annoying. His lyrics are annoying. His production USUALLY isn't good. However, in comparison 2 those who have become popular after him, he's a step up. But who wants 2 be better only by comparison?!?

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I'm digging that Will.I.Am song too, I saw him perform it on Oprah, y'all gotta check out Nas' "Election Night", that's powerful:


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I dont see him succeeding. Our country is in trouble and we elected a man with no experience to solve our problems. I hope I'm wrong.

I'd take judgement over "experience"... We've seen where "experience" has lead us in the past... (note John McCain's advocacy of the Iraq war)

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