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I'm sorry folks but I'm quite frustrated. I arrived at my house Saturday afternoon. Today, I drove into the City of Brotherly Love around 3pm. My friend and I absorbed the atmosphere, anticipating the first championship celebration in my lifetime. We were in the nosebleeds for Game 5 of the World Series, but quite frankly, we had every intention of living a dream. Instead, an act of God coupled with Bud Selig's blunder of a response, has left me dumbfounded.

I also am skirting danger in my one course. I have an exam scheduled Thursday. If, and I do say if, Philadelphia does win, I will not miss a parade down Broad Street. The way these things work though, I may end up missing an exam to do so. My professor is a Phillies fan, and if he administered the test, I'd be safe. Unfortunately, there is an administration hold on the exam system, and thus my chances of rescheduling are slim. Oiy, this could be bad.

What do you all think of this debacle? What's the (inter)national perspective on this historic absurdity?

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you gotta look at the bigger picture. They'll be more team parades to see over the years but maybe not another chance the same in your education.

Oh my exams take a back seat. There has been no parade during my life.

This is my bigger picture:

I get a degree to get a job, to have a career, to provide for a family, to enjoy life. This is the pinnacle 'enjoyment' I can have. If I miss it now, then I will never let myself live it down.

As a Philadelphian born after 1983, I have no reason to believe other championships will come. And none would be as sweet as the first, especially if we win it after this rollercoaster.

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So Bob did you go? At the rate that the Phillies win championships I'd go

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