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grow it out Will! grow it out! lol

I don't like that "I am Legend" look on him, he looks old and sick, like he did in the movie when he was supposed to be 51/52 years old.

Okay superficial aside, I love how good he is to his fans.

He looked better in I am legend than this. Here he looks tired and I'm afraid that under the T-shirt there's a little 'belly-beer' lol

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more Beijing pics here


Celebrating Jaden's bday w/ Jackie Chan


Willow and Keke Palmer (talk fashion) on set of True Jackson, she reminds me so much of Jada in interviews


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Haha, Jackie Chan is a legend.

This is a picture of Jaden I hadn't seen. That car must be one of his birthday presents:


By the way, I think we should post all the stuff related with Jaden's new movie on the other thread from now on.

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Yes, maybe we can create something like "Will Smith kids" to talk about Willow & Jaden !

Yeah, well... I was talking about using this thread to post all the videos and pictures of 'The Kung-Fu Kid':

We can use the thread Ash created (this one) for the rest. Just an idea.

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